Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Just The Thing For A Cold Winter's Night!

This morning was not the best of starts to the day, but thankfully it did not set the tone for the rest of the day!
I thought in my slumbering I heard the sounds of one of the cats being sick...well I should have taken more notice of it, because when I put my foot out of the bed to cool down (midlife and all that!) I felt a very unpleasant cold wet patch on the quilt!
I won't say anymore on the subject other than to say I had not planned to strip the entire bed, wash ( and bleach!) the corner of the duvet and scrub the mattress at 7.30am!
Today, being Tuesday, was actually a "Monday" for me, doing all my usual Monday visits and chores instead of on the Bank Holiday yesterday.
Hubby of course was back at work, so no doubt the 5.30am wakening to the alarm came as a bit of a shock.
Teen Two and I visited my Recycled Teenager as usual and then we all went to Morrisons.
I managed to bag five Christmas bargains, from £5 down to 25p.
Now I am hoping it won't be considered "tat" this time next year, family members will be pleased to know it will fit inside a shoebox (our criteria for next Christmas) and should it not be to their liking, well for 25p they can put it in the new year charity bag with a clear conscience!
Personally I rather like it and will keep one for myself...even though Grandma Local is bound to roll her eyes and say "over the top!"
After lunch Teen Two went round to give Grandma a game of Rummikub.....
...Teen One made the most of her freedom and did some sketching...
...as for me...well I was really itching to sit down and do some knitting ( the sock fest has not worn off yet!) but instead I cracked on with what seems like an endless pile of laundry....most of it needed putting away, but with it being such a cold day, the bed linen I had put on the line earlier, in the vain hope it might dry just a little, all needed to go into the tumble dryer, which has been a non stop job most of the afternoon...however I am very grateful to have one and also the money to pay the bill!
I was extoling the virtues of "damp traps" over the holidays.
I now have at least one in most rooms and the last time I replaced them I had the forethought to date the new ones.
This one as you can see is over half full....
...and as you can see it has taken just two months to collect that much.
I bought some for the old church hall where we have Mother and Toddlers.
I have one at each window ( six) and they fill up pretty quick, it has reduced, well, practically removed, the heavy condensation we used to be greeted with each week.
I don't know how they work, but they are very cheap and effective ( two for £1 in Poundland)
and will save all kinds of damp problems and mildew as a result.
Grandma in Devon is trialling one out in her new oven, which is not working, according to the engineer it is because it hasn't been used for a while and will take some time to dry out...I hope this hurrys up the process...good job she has two ovens ( and two kitchens come to that!)
The house is now looking very dull everywhere, with all the decorations gone...but the fireplace still hides some festive treats...Grandma brought round some chestnuts yesterday!
Maybe with our hot chocolate treats from FQ2FF we can sit round the fireplace tonight and roast them, just the thing for a cold winter's night.
Teen One made hers up last night...and very delicious it smelt too!

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  1. mmmm - maybe I should have kept one for myself!