Wednesday, 25 January 2017

It's All Change In Here!

Going back to last night, Hubby came in and without even referring to the manual of the spiralizer, managed to get some little spirally shapes out...and we did have to laugh at the mushroom looking remainder!
But when I tried it this morning, all I ended up with was a few shavings on the white board and a long thin stick of carrot at the top!
(The pile is Hubby's from last night)
So I clearly need some more lessons and am fast losing interest in this kitchen gadget!
This morning Teen One and I did the rounds of all the local sofa shops.
We are now well acquainted with the stock of SCS, DFS and the like, and they are more or less all selling the same sort of stuff.
What we need is a two seater sofa to replace the one in the picture as it has a broken spring.
I had heard about a warehouse clearance outlet close to home so we went to see what they had and found a cream two seater leather sofa, with recliners.
Hubby really wanted a recliner sofa as we all favour the recliner chair (well Teen One excluded)
But having a recliner meant rearranging the living room space, which is what I did this afternoon...and the picture shows the new look....I am leaving it over night to see if it "works."
There are only so many ways our room can be rearranged, because of the techy stuff filling one wall.
Of course the ideal situation would be to get rid of everything and start again, but life isn't like that is it, so we have been trying to buy something that matches the existing mismatch of furniture!
The recliner we saw was way cheaper than everything else and "will do."
Whilst pulling everything out  (and cleaning behind!) I started to reassess what was in the room...
this newspaper rack, I decided had no place in the room...I have never liked them as they become a dumping ground, but had found someone to hide it, with the new regime, there was nowhere to hide, but we did need somewhere to put the paper each night....
..then I remembered that the little side table our neighbour gave us has two slots for,
the new rule is, only the existing nights paper sits in here  (how long will that last I hear you all saying!) and the others will be stored in the conservatory or put in the recycling  each day, in the summer months when they aren't needed to start the fire.
By now I was on a mission to empty the room of things that we don't regularly use, or, in this case, didn't actually belong to us originally!
Next to where Teen One sits is a sewing  box from next door, which she uses as dumping ground
side table for her essentials to life, tissues, ipad, phone, hand cream etc.
I hadn't opened it since the day it was given to us, and boy was it stuffed!
All manner of sewing notions, threads etc
there were several layers and tins jammed packed... was never ending!
I don't know what these two long pointy thing are...any idea?
Wrapped up in felt were this pair of scissors...I thought they were shears for a moment!
Then I remembered my late neighbour was a suit cutter for a local tailor.
I also found this sweet pair of egg cosies.
I have bagged up all the sewing stuff and will go through it at a later date, what I don't want I will put in a charity bag.
The box is now filled with Teen One's Uni books, a much better use of space for us.
They used to sit in a pile under the sewing box, now we have a clutter free space there...but for how long!
The gerbils have been transferred to the dining room, where there was a perfect shaped space in the corner, we hope it will also be easier to deter Crystal from trying to get them, there isn't anywhere for her to sit and watch them, she may of course take a huge leap to get on top of the cage, but we are intending to keep the door shut as its not a room we use most days...but no doubt we will discover just how often we do use it from now on!
So it has been a day full of achievements and I even managed to stick to Day One Part Two of the Military Diet!
On a frustrating note, one of the students at college accessed Teen Two's account and uploaded an obscene picture on his Power Point.
Needless to say we have made enquires about the situation and how he was so easily able to get hold of the sheet of paper with everyone's password.

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