Friday, 20 January 2017

It Really Is Bizzare!

This morning was a run of the mill kind of morning, cleaning to be done, shopping to be got in,
and also a visit to Grandma to make sure she was ok.
As I arrived the postman came with a box of flowers...from her very thoughtful daughter in Kent, to mark the ninth year since Grandad died.
In many ways it seems like much longer than that, another lifetime ago.
Needless to say he is very much missed.
Grandma was a little better today, but not up to going out, so I offered to do some shopping as I was on my way to Lidl's and she thoughtfully had prepared a list all ready for me.
However, as everything on the list was branded ( Elnet Hairspray, Andrex quilted loo roll etc) and no alternatives were permissible, it meant going to another supermarket as well, which just adds to the time, but never mind, it was a lovely sunny day to be out in and got me out of finding anymore housework!
After some pottering in the afternoon, clearing paper work from behind clocks, cups and goodness knows where ( and a few laundry loads in between!) I settled down to finish the activity for tonight's Friday Club.
Our story was of when Jesus called His disciples to "come and follow me."
As several of them were fishermen, I had thought we would try and make some fishing rods and using magnets make a fishing game.
The little magnets were tied securely inside some netting and used as the "bait"
This was then taped to a straw ( I used some giant ones I had bought in Devon at Christmas)
Teen One had cut out cardboard fish, which the children would decorate, then add a paper clip to the fish's nose.
Sadly I forgot to take my camera tonight, but it was a huge success!
Some of the children had no idea how magnets worked and were amazed when their fish took the bait!!
Some of them drew an ocean floor on some spare paper to put the fish on, what a great idea!
I did make sure the parents were aware of the small magnet incase they had any younger children at home...rather a hazard if swallowed!
During juice time we let the children try out the giant straws for was a howl!
Most of them worked out pretty quickly that they would need to put their cups on the floor...but I guess they didn't realise it would take a lot more sucking than usual!
They were worth the 50p for sure, and we still have loads left.
A few wanted to take one home, so no doubt the fun will continue a little longer.
It really was chilly tonight, and I had to laugh when one of the little lads came rushing in....
....."Brrr" he said....
"I'm frosted!!"
Tonight is our usual Chocolate Night and we have enough from Christmas to take us through to the summer I expect!
Teen Two chose this for his treat...which he very kindly shared round.
I broke my diet to give it a go.... Teen Two's word
"It really is bizzare!"
His auntie will be glad to know he loved it!
I will stick to Cadbury's Dairy Milk!
(When I am not on a diet!)

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