Friday, 6 January 2017

Inspiration From Other Bloggers

Today I was on a mission to continue getting organised ( although having just read FQ2FF's blog I realise I don't truly understand the meaning of the word!)
With the shopping out of the way...and a very disappointing visit to The Range...their Christmas stuff is still only 50% off...I want the 70% reductions, although I did bag a few 10p bargains, I set about trying to find homes for some of the pressies.
I had forgotten we had received some "live" presents!
I hastily potted up the spring bulbs, hopefully they will add a splash of colour in a few months...
The amaryllis was already potted up....if only I had opened it when I received it I would have realised!
So instead the poor thing has been without water all this time!
There is just the teeniest green shoot appearing, so hopefully its not too late.
During a quick lunch break I googled a few ideas for tonight's kids craft.
I found this blog, which not only has excellent taste in blog background pics (!) but had some great ideas.
I have added the blog to my favourites and am sure I will use it regularly...I do appreciate the time other bloggers take to upload their great finds and ideas.
I would like to have done the bottle craft, very reminiscent of the "Find It" games, but as we had given all our plastic bottles away over Christmas, I couldn't cobble it together in time.
Teen One cut up all the Temples for me and "opened" the doors.
I cracked on with cleaning up the garden from the bunnies ( Teen Two does the hutch, I do the garden) then the cats litter corner, not pleasant jobs, but good to get out of the way.
 I noticed the binmen were rather late, so rushed to get the bag of soiled bunny and cat litter out to the front of the house...only to catch the bag on the door lock as I whizzed past...which ripped the bottom open!!
Grrr.....that kind of mess in the garden and conservatory is one thing...but not in the kitchen!!
I was quite frazzled by the time I cleared it all up and as Hubby had just arrived home from work, decided it was time we all had a cuppa and tested out some shortbread we had been given for Christmas.
As I looked at the clock, I thought "surely the bin men aren't coming now?"
Then it dawned on me....we had a Bank Holiday at the beginning of the week, so collection day is tomorrow instead!
Seems no one else in the street remembered either!
We have lots of foxes around the neighbourhood, who love nothing better than scavenging in the bin bags, so we don't put them out until the morning usually, however there is no way we are bringing it all back through the house again, so I have tested out something I read years ago....spray the bags with furniture polish and that deters them.
I'll let you know tomorrow if it works!
Last night I finally finished the socks...these are the first pair destined as presents.
I am hoping the recipients have average sized feet...but at least they are stretchy.
Needless to say I couldn't resist starting a new pair (and reminding myself to READ the pattern!)
This was the result of just an hours work...they really  do knit up quickly, which I guess is part of the appeal!
I think its probably fair to say this current craze of mine is also thanks to the efforts of another blogger!
Attic 24 has linked to lots of lovely hand knitted socks, and her own of course and I have admired them for some time but thought it was wasn't for wrong I was!
If I am honest, instead of facing the cold rainy evening to spend a couple of hours in a freezing cold church hall ( the timer doesn't work in the back hall, only the main church hall)
I would rather have stayed home and got on with that sock....but needless to say I did the right thing and I must admit, it was good to see the kids again.
Albeit they were rather hyper and one little girl came up to me and said
"I've got sensitive ears" as the noise level was clearly worrying her...
I crouched down to her height and whispered
"So have I!"
As one six year old went round with the playdough knife, making stabbing motions to the kids running away from her ( needless to say I stopped her immediately) one has to wonder what sort of things these little ones get to see on screens!
On a more cheerful note, Grandma will be delighted to know that the wooden game we took home with us was a BIG hit with the older Friday Club kids....Hubby could hear comments like "this is wicked" coming from the corner they were in!
Great to see another generation having fun with a traditional game....I will take a picture next week!
Well now we are back home again...indulging in our Friday Chocolate night tradition...what a treat!

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