Monday, 9 January 2017

How Useful Are Forward Rolls?

Last night I didn't get much frustrating, and then needless to say, when it was time to get up I could have stayed in bed easily!
Teen Two had the doctor at 8.30am so a lie in was not an option.
The Dr has referred him to a specialist and in the meantime he is to take an antihistamine a day and keep the epipen with him...whilst of course avoiding mixed nuts or pecans.
He thinks it will be ok to eat anything he normally ate until we hear otherwise, which is a relief!
It was then on to my Monday Recycled Teenager and then our usual trip to Morrisons.
We have just had a small children and baby clothes section opened and I spotted a couple of cute baby items, one of which was half price.
We are meeting the newest member of the family on Wednesday, who was rather a whopper and I am worried the jacket I knitted won't fit!
So hopefully these will if not!
I also treated myself to their usual mini daffodils.
They have been 50p a pot for the past few years, and always brighten up the place and remind me that Spring is not far away.
When they finish flowering, I plant them in the garden and so far they have come up again each year.
Back home I just had time to make  a quick Red Thai curry to go in the slow cooker.
Teen One had to be in Uni for a short time this afternoon and her friend wasn't going, so it was taxi of mum.
Today she had to go to a different campus as part of the wider curriculum...this subject being PE.
She wasn't too keen on that, and of course had to go dressed appropriately...she is not a joggers and sweatshirt kind of girl and it seemed strange seeing her dressed like that.
The session wasn't as gruelling as she had dreaded, which is hopefully how the next few sessions will go.
They could even opt out of doing a forward roll if they I hated them at school. One of my teachers seemed to delight in making us do endless forward rolls, I always felt disorientated afterwards and can't say  its a skill I have ever needed in my adult life anyway!
Teen One learnt that our own local authority are not actually allowed to teach children how to do forward rolls ( health and safety and all that!) but can show  them how to do one safely if they can already do it....which doesn't make much sense to me!
Whilst Teen One was getting to grips with her wider curriculum, Teen Two and I went to see the latest Disney film...which we both really enjoyed!
The music was brilliant, really rich, and so much better than Frozen  (never did understand why "Let It Go" was popular!)
What should have been a twenty minute drive home took almost an hour, it was dark and dreary, with rain and an accident causing the delay...I was glad I had put the dinner in the slow cooker earlier that's for sure!
Am hoping for a quiet evening with some sock knitting ahead of me...and probably an early night!

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