Saturday, 21 January 2017

Drilling Into Dust!

Yesterday afternoon Teen Two carried a large sheet of ice home from the pond, he was delighted to see it still in one piece this morning!
We had our usual slow start to the weekend, but for me it was minus the ginger biccie!
How good am I!
Hubby decided to make a start on a long overdue job....putting a new bath panel on.
Since our existing bath is peach ( I know I know!) there is no hope of getting a matching one, but a tongue and groove white one would blend in I felt.
Since waiting for the job to come to the top of the list, I have put up a white shower curtain, which looks naff...but does hide the mess underneath.
We decided to drive out of town to get one, it meant easier parking and few more interesting shops to look at.
With the panel bought, it was off to Dunelm Mill for a mid morning treat...
hot choccie and the works for the Teens...
...bacon bap and coffee for Hubby... water for me!
And I even asked the assistant to take away the lotus biccie she popped on the side!
This can't last!
We discovered there was a Home Bargains opened just a few units away, so after a browse round that and a few bargains bagged, it was back home to the  Red Thai butternut squash soup I had made earlier.
By that time I was really ready for something I can tell you and I did indulge in a small piece of fresh tiger bread.
One of the bargains we brought home today were these coat hooks.
We have long since outgrown the original coat hooks I bought when the Teens were small and its one of those jobs we have been meaning to tackle, but never remember!
Poor Hubby spent longer on this "quick" job than you can imagine...drilling into our walls is like drilling into dust, its always a nightmare.
Anyway, its all done and now filled with their coats...its hard to imagine that this little stand held six adult sized coats...its no wonder it was always falling over!
Whilst Hubby was busy drilling, I made an Eve's Pudding for tomorrow's dessert...
...and the Teens cleaned out the gerbils cage....which meant they could run around in the little play pen for a while.
This always brings lots of laughter to the household, watching them scurry around, investigating their surroundings.
One of them found a paperclip ( probably from yesterday's craft I was preparing) and carrying it around in his mouth like a bone!
They decided it wasn't really safe for him, so took it off him, but one wonders what he thought he could do with it!
Tonight we are off to a bible study out in the country,  the Teens are looking forward to  catching up with some friends and needless to say so will we.

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