Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Day Two Of "The Military Diet!"

Well day two of the Military Diet and I have survived with no real issues...yes a little bit hungry, but that can be a non diet day to be honest!
Part of the reason it has been fairly easy today, I guess, is because I spent 6 hours at the hospital, with a sign saying "No eating or drinking in this waiting room."
Although I have to confess to a few sips of water!
Grandma's procedure is now behind us and she is mightily pleased to be home.
It was a long afternoon, waiting to be called, although for me it was almost a pleasant afternoon,
people watching, chatting to the other relatives waiting for their loved ones....
...and copious amounts of knitting!
I had spent the morning working hard, cleaning, doing laundry, getting a slow dinner cooker together, dressing the fire, generally getting things organised for not being around later, so I didn't feel too guilty spending the afternoon in front of the waiting room TV with my knitting needles to hand...mind you ...the remote control would have been a bonus, six hours of BBC News 24 gets rather boring!

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  1. All I had to watch was centuries old repeats! Keep going - just one day to go x