Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Day Three Of "The Military Diet"

So, day three of the "Military Diet" and quite honestly, its not been too bad.
Have there been hunger pangs...yes
have there been food cravings...yes
am I looking forward to tomorrow...yes
But...all in all, its been the easiest diet I have ever been on, no messing around with food, buying in unusual items, weighing, keeping count, measuring etc, its been a doddle.
Now, just to see if it actually works!
I know for sure I will not lose ten pounds, because I didn't have to make that drastic a change to my eating habits, its not as if I gorge on cakes, chocolate, crisps, takeaways etc, but I do have way too many excess pounds ( yay stones!) to lose and its not going to be an overnight, or three day fix, but, if this kick starts it, then I would consider doing it on a regular basis until I was down to a more reasonable weight, but lets be honest, that ain't never gonna happen!
But losing a few pounds here and there does mean over the decades I don't go up a size, I just have loose clothes, tight clothes, or just about right clothes!
My friend popped in for lunch (unexpectedly) and as I was on the road when I heard, I popped into Tesco and bought a pack of chocolate eclairs...and didn't have one...wasn't that will power!
However by 3pm I was really hungry, and as my dinner tonight consists of two tins of tuna...and that's it.....I broke into one of them!
I had spent the morning pottering before going for a blood test, she was a lovely nurse and I never felt a thing!
I then had to run some errands, check in on Grandma, who is doing fine, but not finding sitting comfortable.
I took her in a couple of custard tarts as a treat...nothing like a little something that you like when you aren't feeling too grand aye.
My friend and I had a chit chat and she was most impressed with my will power!
If I lose enough weight this week, she will try it as well.
We are meeting up for a belated birthday meal on Monday so that will be the weigh in confession time.....which is going to be interesting as another friend has invited Teen One and I out to a Chinese All You Can Eat Buffet, tomorrow for lunch!
I will however be restrained, but most certainly will be enjoying the explosion of flavours in my mouth!
This afternoon Teen One offered to make dinner, which was great given that I cant indulge in it!
She also did some piano practise, which hasnt happened in months, it was great hearing the familiar tunes again and also great to see her keeping up her skills.
She no longer has piano lessons but of course her teacher is hoping she will return to it one day when Uni studies have settled down.
I have been on a bit of a cupboard clearing exercise since the New Year.
Monday I sorted the under the stairs cupboard, and today was the turn of the plastic box cupboard.
Both these cupboards get done regularly but both get full to bursting really quickly,
just in case you are in any doubt...this is the "after" picture!
Every bottom has a lid and I have decided to keep them together, although it means not so many can be fitted in, it will mean no minutes of frustration looking for a particular lid and ending up with half the contents of the cupboard falling out as I search for one!
I now have a kitchen bin full of lids that didn't have tubs to go with them....they did when they went into the cupboard, so just where the bottoms always disappear to is a mystery!
I also have a carrier bag of tubs with no lids!
They are going to church as they are ideal as glue pots etc.
There is something very satisfying about having clear and tidy cupboards ( although I appreciate for some that cupboard is still rather full!) if only we could keep them that way!
It's this "being a collector of useful things" that's the problem!


  1. I've had a look at the diet and, as you say, its not too bad. I think any potential problem will arise when you return to normal eating - I understand that you can't go above 1500 calories so you will have to watch those drinks! However well done for sticking it out - looking forward to seeing how it goes. x

  2. Yes you are right,it says to lose optimum weight keep to 1500, to maintain loss 2000. My normal days are spent drinking tap water or peppermint tea, zero calories :) I wonder how long it would take to plateau, a week on week off would be sustainable for a few months...I need an instant result or I get bored!