Monday, 16 January 2017

Day One Of "The Military Diet!"

Last week I saw a programme about various diets that are on the market.
Several "guinea pigs" volunteered to test them out.
The one that appealed to me was "The Military Diet"
It was virtually free, lasts only three days a week and boasts a staggering "up to ten pounds" loss.
Well that cant be bad can it, and I mean, just how bad can three days be?
The woman doing the diet lost the ten pounds ( if my memory serves me right) and as the programme was fronted by a doctor, who looked into the scientific and health side of things, I thought it was worth a go.
So, today I have managed to get through the first day without breaking any rules...that's a good start,
I also have to say, up until early evening I hadn't even felt particularly hungry.
I enjoyed all the meals, and even had to stagger breakfast as I couldn't  fit it all in.
I also couldn't manage the apple after dessert ( dessert on a diet? I don't even have dessert OFF a diet!) but boy did I enjoy it just now!
I cant say I like the look of Wednesday's dinner....tuna and that's it...apart from dessert of banana and ice cream!
I honestly don't think I will lose the ten pound....lets make a guess of two to three pounds shall we?
If it does work...then it will be worth doing every couple of weeks to try and drop a  couple of stone before our Easter holiday.
I am hoping having caffeine drinks is not going to play havoc with getting to sleep tonight!
After visiting my Monday Recycled Teenager, the usual Morrison's shop, Teen Two and I headed into town.
I had a few errands to run and left Teen Two playing the Virtual Reality game.
Like last time, they were very generous with their ten minutes!
Poundland is next door, and they had a 5p sale sign up...well I couldn't resist that could I!
I was DELIGHTED with packs of two bottle gift bags ( for 5p!) they are perfect for the calendars we give away to our mums at Toddler group.
The decorations I thought would make lovely gift tags.
I am tempted to go back and get more!
So....24 items for £1.20!
Back home, whilst I cracked on with some essential housework,
 Teen Two enjoyed some bunny hugging
Tonight Teen Two met up with pals from a weekly group he goes to, at our local
trampoline park.
It was freezing cold in there...but of course all the jumping jacks were boiling!
I spent the hour enjoying seeing the pattern appear on my new sock yarn.
I have two or three pairs to make after these ones, so hope the novelty doesn't wear off!

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  1. You are braver than me - but let me know how it goes x