Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Cuddles With The Newest Member Of The Family

This morning started with finishing the cake I had made yesterday, to take to family a little further along the south coast.
I filled it with cream and fresh fruit...
..I hadn't intended decorating the top of the cake, but with only a few pieces remaining I decided to pop them on top.
After stopping off at Lidl's to buy some fresh rolls to go with the soup I had made, we headed out for what is one of my favourite drives along the south coast....past Arundel Castle which has special memories for me....where Hubby first kissed me ( ok, soppy I know!)
In well under an hour we were sitting with a cuppa, admiring this handsome chappy.
Both Teen One and I had plenty of cuddles and we even got to feed him too.
The midwife came part way through our visit, which meant we had even longer to hold Little One, whilst mum was given a thorough check up before being discharged from the midwife, which means of course, despite the rough start to life, both Little One and Mum are now doing fine.
We stayed for longer than we had expected, largely due to the midwife, but it was good to catch up with them, and needless to say we were reluctant to give back our newest family member.
After an uneventful 45 minute drive home, it was back to the laundry and then thinking about getting some dinner sorted.
I took the plunge last night and ordered a small circular needle, to make sock making even easier.
I use this ebayer and have always found them very prompt and reliable.
I ordered last night and have had notification it has been dispatched already, and that is with free postage too.
For anyone interested in sock making, this blogger Winwick Mum has an excellent tutorial.
The weather forecast is promising snow for some areas and needless to say, the Teens ( and dare I say it myself!) would be delighted if some of it fell our way!

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