Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Caution! May Contain Nuts!

It has been quite a eventful twenty four hours!
Last night Teen One and I were munching on some nuts Grandma had left for us.
Teen Two has never like the texture of nuts, but has been exposed to them in various ways...chocolate spread, Daim Bars, Toblerone, where the texture  is crunchy as opposed to nutty.
He even braved it the other week to try some cashew nut in a Chinese dish.
So yesterday as we were munching on the nuts and watching a cookery programme where cashew nuts were being used, Teen Two mentioned he liked them and maybe he might like other nuts now.
So, one by one I offered him a nut from the jar...all went well...he definitely likes the cashew nuts, the almonds and the hazelnut, was ok with the brazil but, but when it came to the pecan nut, he clasped his throat and said "its stinging!!"
He went for a drink and had what he called an unquenchable thirst.
Of course I was immediately on my guard, looking out for any worsening of his reaction, fearing it might be anaphylaxis shock.
Thankfully, aside from the thirst he seemed ok.
When he went to bed he had a bit of a tummy ache, but he had drank a lot, and he was feeling hot, but didn't have a temperature.
I went to bed feeling a little anxious, but it was obviously not a major reaction, so I hoped he would wake up fine in the morning.
I awoke around 12.30am to hear him talking to Hubby about a rash, when I looked I could see his face was scarlet, as were his hands.
His back was a mass of hives and his legs were going the same way fast.
We immediately called NHS helpline 111 who told us that as he was breathing normally it was not an emergency but they felt he needed to see a Doctor straight away.
Within half an hour the doctor rang and having heard the symptoms said it was obviously an allergic reaction to the pecan and to give him antihistamine.
She said to keep an eye on him for worsening symptoms and see our own Doctor in the morning.
I spent the night going in every half hour to make sure he was was like having a newborn!
Thankfully the antihistamine did the job and he was fine in the morning.
We had a call from the Doctor (eventually!) who said he needs to be referred to see if he is allergic to anything else ( very likely) and to have an Epipen for emergencies.
He is to avoid anything remotely nut related  (no chocolate spread!) and if he has the hives or any reaction again we are to take him straight to A&E.
We have an appointment with the Doctor on Monday for advise and the referral.
So, it has been a rather surreal kind of 24hrs, this is the first episode like this he has ever had and I am now thinking about everything we have in the food cupboards, and risk assessing in my head every where he goes where he is likely to come into contact with something that might cause another reaction.
Hopefully once he has been tested we can feel more reassured.
As far as he is concerned we are of course keeping it low key, but he isn't stupid and he knows the epipen is there to save his life should it be needed.
By mid morning he was back to college and Teen One and I were able to go into town as planned...albeit it with a rather heavy heart.
We bagged ourselves some bargains.
This book was in WHSmith for £14.99, reduced to £2.
I bought all they had (5) for next Christmas Friday Club pressies ( am determined to be organised!)
Its a really thick heavy book, and inside is full of crafts, colouring, activities etc around British celebration days.
I might keep one back for a friends granddaughter, its just the sort of thing they would love ( only thing is she is only 18mths old...will I remember where it is in a couple of years time!)
This lovely (thick) book was a bargain in The Works, I would have bought more but it was the only one.
I have bought it previously at £5 so was pleased with the price...not only that, when I went to pay I had £5 on my loyalty card so it was free!
Accessorize had a sale on and I bagged these little gifts to take to my cousins girls in Australia...all half price.
Teen One took back an unwanted gift and was surprised ( as was I!) to get £35 for the item!
I am sure there must be a mistake, her aunt never spends that much, however we were credited with the money and Teen One saw these suede boots half price for £24, which is much more her thing than the original gift.
She also spent some of her Christmas money on a new Pandora charm,
"White Primrose Meadow"
We popped into Tesco where they had lots of festive items reduced to giveaway prices.
I resisted the tubs of sweets and shortbread for £1.50, but did buy these for 25p
They also had Teen Two's favourite veg at rock bottom I bought 4 bags and will freeze most of them...or maybe make some soup.
These rhubarb and custard lanterns were more of a steal than I had expected...they were priced up at 25p for two but when I went to pay for everything, there was a major problem with the till, so everything had to be scanned twice, and as the cashier couldn't get the barcode to read on the scanner, she said I could have them for free!
Over a cup of tea and that naughty rhubarb pastry, I caught my breath after a hectic morning and did some knitting.....mistake!
I have used this pattern many times to make socks....know it more or less off by heart ( which is probably the cause of my problems!) and yet this sock has been unpicked four times!!
I have made no progress with it since this time last week!
I think I have become too blasé and not paying enough attention....however last night I spent ages unpicking and paying a lot of attention, so am infuriated with myself for putting the shaping in the wrong place!!
I will have to be in the right mood to pull it out yet again...I will study my mistake thoroughly to see where I have gone wrong and make sure I don't do it again!
This afternoon I made a carrot cake for a friend....her annual Christmas present.
A bit late I know, but better late than never!
I then made some fresh playdough for tomorrow's Parent and Toddler's.
I even had the inclination to clear the kitchen dresser of a pile of paperwork, leaving the  work top clear for what will probably be a very short time!
Despite the fairly productive afternoon, I fell at the last hurdle....managing to let the veggie pan boil dry, meaning the steamed potatoes and broccoli had a rather unpleasant burned taste!
I am now building myself up to unpicking that knitting again!


  1. I didn't realise pecan nuts could be so dangerous!! Hope teen two is feeling better. Good that teen one was able to get something she wanted - clearly wasn't one of our presents she returned - she would never have got that much for it!!!

    1. Hee hee sure there must be a mistake!