Sunday, 29 January 2017

"Be Swift To Hear" James I vs 19

Once again it was me up first this morning, this is very unusual indeed, but I was glad for Hubby to have the pleasure of a lie in.
It was church first thing...
...followed by roast chicken....
...a couple of games, Rummikub and Scrabble....
...then we had to brave the very miserable weather to drive out to Winchester.
Hubby was preaching there at 4.15pm and usually 40minutes is plenty of time to get there, but the bad driving motorway conditions, combined with a lane closure made us a tiny bit late!
The small congregation were relieved to see us!
Being right on the High Street, the church often has homeless folk call in, its warm, they get a free cuppa at the end of it and once a month a free tea is provided.
It always makes for an interesting visit as you just never know who is going to walk through the door!
At the end of the service I chatted to a lady behind me, who I didn't recognise as being part of the fellowship.
I could see her adult son had some difficulties and was keen to show some kindness, all too often people shy away from anyone that is "different."
She told me a potted history of her life and its so sad to read of parents who feel they can no longer look after their children because of the aggression caused by their disability.
In this case the woman's 29 yr old son has Aspergers, but she hasn't been able to have him live with her for over a decade.
She was telling me he lives in Littlehampton, and comes for the weekends occasionally, but he doesn't like going back at the end of it, he misses his mum, but she has no home of her own, living in as a matron in a college.
She felt relieved to just be able to talk about things I think, sometimes that's all it takes isn't it, a listening ear and an interest taken in someone.
How good it was to come back, despite the thrashing rain, to our own home with our own children who do not have the issues this young man had.
Whilst we have our own issues of course, it always puts things into perspective to see the greater need of others and how blessed we really are.
It was then back to our own church, for the final service of the day,
and then a treat for the Teens, a drive thru McDonalds, as we had missed out on our usual light tea and by now they were feeling rather peckish!
I however didn't order anything....these scales had better be kind to me on Wednesday after all these sacrifices!

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