Thursday, 5 January 2017

Back On Track With THAT Sock!

Last night I was determined to get back on track with that sock...and thankfully I did.
I was at the point of throwing it across the room, ripping it all out or abandoning it altogether and starting with a new ball of wool!
However, I am glad I persevered and hopefully will pay all due diligence to the pattern in future and not get too big for my boots!
I hope to have this finished by the weekend, so I can crack on with a new pair, its fair to say I am a tad sick of this design now!
This morning was the first day back at Parent and Toddlers.
Our Dear Old Helper was due to do the craft activity, but rang to apologise profusely for being ill...poor soul.
I managed to cobble together enough left overs in the store room to make some jellyfish, using paper plates and tissue paper.
For some bizzare reason I get referring to them as  an octopus!
With the heaters being on, the draught made all the delicate legs( are they legs??) float around, it was really exciting for the tots to see!
Teen One isn't back at Uni yet, so she manned the activity for me whilst I generally pottered and settled everyone in.
We have a Grandma who comes along regularly, and she regularly brings along a treat for us workers.
Today it was a REAL treat for iced bun!
There is nothing like an iced bun...expect maybe a homemade scone!
This afternoon was quite productive, I put away the last of the backlog of washing...just the day to day stuff in the machine and dryer now.
I also got all the Christmas boxes packed away in the attic and the room back to normal again.
Although there are still some gifts waiting to have homes found for them, its good to be almost back to normal.
Teen One tackled the dusting in her bedroom and then sat down to do some more sketching.
Teen Two was a bit down in the doldrums last night, not feeling comfortable eating any chocolate from his selection box, as it had the usual "may contain nuts" warning.
Then this morning he was going to have some Weetabix but that said "not suitable for nut allergies"
At college he rang me to ask if it would be ok to have his usual Thursday treat of a hot chocolate....
having checked our own tubs yesterday, I assured him it would be....then offered up a hasty prayer!
I will be glad to get the testing done and see if he can eat things he has had in the past with no problems.
He rang about an hour ago....but this time it was a more cheerful subject...the pond at the top of our road is frozen, so he was stopping off to crack some of it and see how big a sheet he can pull out...and no doubt bring home with him!

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  1. you're ahead of me - I m not sure when I will be able to say that things are back to normal!