Sunday, 1 January 2017

And So Starts Another New Year...2017

I apologise to any regular readers of my humble and sometimes humdrum blog for the lack of posts for a few days.
We have been down in Devon with family, having a wonderful time, away from city life and day to day responsibilities, but no regular internet.
To be honest, after the first day I didn't even try to get on and dare I say I didn't even miss it!
However it is great to be back online, but good to know I can survive without it!
I am getting to grips with my new camera, and sadly most of the photos I took over the last few days have come out blurry, so Hubby is going to have to give me some lessons, which will be like pulling teeth no doubt,  I am not techy savvy and have no desire to be so...I just want to "point and shoot" if I am honest.
For the Teens, the few days away was a chance to indulge in some doggy hugging...with five to choose from there were few times when at least one ( and mostly all or none!) was up for a lap hug.
Maisy was most certainly Top Dog, but then it is her home
Daisy is the baby and is always up for a game with one of the others
I had thought this was a picture of Penny....but the Teens assure me it is Daisy ( they can tell by the face and eyes!) I will have to wait for the owners to confirm which pooch this is!
Millie the chocolate lab, is eldest and most definitely the quietest...whoever would have thought we would say that!
The past few days for me have been a haven of rest....endless knitting, cups of teas, and meals I haven't had to think about preparing for.
We have been thoroughly spoilt with presents...many handmade...labels too!
We also indulged in some coffee and cake treats and a bit of retail therapy in the sales...
just a little you understand!
We are not late stop outs or ups, so last night we went to bed around the usual time....and then was woken by the sound of bells coming from the village church.
It went on for fifteen minutes, prior to midnight and quite possibly afterwards too...but I had fallen asleep again so can't be sure!
Here in a coastal city, we are more used to hearing the sirens of ships blasting off and the sound of revellers out in the street...I preferred the country option...just the sound of bells!
Today was going home day.
Packing the car is always a challenge and every year we convince ourselves we will take home less than we brought.....wrong as usual!
On our way home we stopped off in Weymouth for Hubby to take one of his "This England" photos.
The weather was not kind, but it is at least another one ticked off the list.
The first picture was taken from Sandsfoot Castle built by Henry VIII, overlooking Portland.
The second picture was of Portland Bill, but the weather was so atrocious the Teens and I stayed in the car whilst Hubby braved the elements.
We finally made it home late afternoon and having filled up the dining room with all that was in the car, we wonder how it ever got in the car in the first place!
We truly are a very blessed family.
Tomorrow is the big clear up...and maybe just the last lie in for a while!