Saturday, 7 January 2017

A Quiet Saturday At Home

This morning started...well you know how it started!
A leisurely cuppa and some ginger biccies in bed!
I gave the family a treat to start the slow day ahead off...a cooked brekkie.
I rarely do these, so they all love it when I do, albeit Teen One cant usually finish hers off, but she has two willing volunteers to polish it off!
Hubby then tackled a job that has been needed doing for a while...and with the onset of winter it has become more urgent!
The cracks in the floor boards of the kitchen allow an enormous amount of draft through and the standing out there cooking can be very chilly indeed!
He bought some Draughtex online and it was fairly easy to fit the strips into the gaps with the little wheelie tool provided.
It was however surprisingly tiring and Hubby was exhausted when it was done!
However its a good job done and looks very neat indeed.
For me it was a pottering morning, with some much needed ironing done...I don't actually remember the last time I did any!
Teen One created a new house on Minecraft.
He kept asking questions like "what colour is Auntie Lyn's chair....what colour is Grandma's chair...?"
The house he is making is a copy of Grandma and Grandad's house in Devon!
Teen One played on a present from a couple of Christmas's Addictaball
It is infuriating and addictable in equal measures!
I made some parsnip soup for lunch, using those 24p bags from earlier in the week, with some onions, garlic and....
....Summer Savory  (from Canada) and of course lentils, it made a very tasty soup
I bought a ciabatta loaf in Lidl yesterday for the first time, just needs ten minutes in the oven. was the perfect partner to the soup.
During the afternoon Teen One went out for coffee, Hubby and Teen Two went to a music shop, and then hand washed the car at Tesco ( Teen Two loves that!) then came home to play with the gerbils
I pottered a bit more and then turned the heel of the sock...with no incidents this time!
Tonight we are off out to a church meeting, where there is always a lovely supper...Teen Two can't wait...and I suspect its the supper rather than the Bible teaching he is looking forward to the most!

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