Sunday, 8 January 2017

A Duplicate Gift Finds A New Home

Today has been a fairly ordinary Sunday, starting with church of course....
...followed by roast beef with all the trimmings and then a dessert using some left overs....
cooked plums, banana and crystalised ginger, with a scone topping.
Everyone enjoyed it, although the topping was a little too dense for my liking...good job it was only family eating it!
 then an afternoon of games with Grandma.
Teen Two kept his Rummikub crown, whilst Grandma won the Scrabble and also the Rummikub Word.
Hubby spent some time organising his coin collection and educating us on the various countries they came from...not that he has visited them all by any means, but kind friends pass them on to us from time to time.
I did manage a bit of sock knitting before getting some tea ready....
we are still using up mince pies can you believe...not to mention the Christmas cake!
It was then back out to church again.
Teen Two was delighted as the preacher is one of his favourites and he learnt that the preacher's children are keen Minecrafters.
As Teen Two received two Minecraft Bibles this Christmas ( and sadly we had already bought him one last year!) he kindly offered him one of the spare ones...which I had brought to church last week to show our Friday Club children.
The preacher was delighted with the gift and we in turn we delighted the special gift has a good home.

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  1. Glad that a new home has been found - and appreciated x