Friday, 13 January 2017

A Day Of Little Indulgences!

Starting with last night, I had a text from Hubby at 4.45pm to say he was leaving work early, as it was snowing!
I had another text from Teen Two's football coach to say the evenings match was off, and then I suddenly realised I could no longer hear rain on the conservatory roof....went out to check and yes....
.... it was snowing!
The Teens were extremely happy and I was taking a quick stock check in my head..yes we had enough milk, bread, pet food for a few days at the very least.
I had no sooner thought it all out than the snow turned to sleet, and back to rain again!
Boo hoo....we are desperate to use some new sleds we bought several Christmas's ago!
This morning we woke to sunshine and dry roads...not even icy!
However when I went out this morning I found this from Teen Two.
He makes me smile so much, that cheeky lad!
Today I reached the grand old age of 54.
The Teens greeted me with handmade cards.... might not be obvious from this shot, but the socks Teen One has drawn are like hand knitted socks...and of course she also has captured my very favourite scene of a washing  line!
Teen Two made a card on the PC, choosing all things woolly/knitted...including a Bible verse
"The Lord is my Shepherd" How apt!
I was spoilt with presents and fancy wrapping paper...
...including a colouring book by my favourite designer...
..and beautiful hand made bag ( which I had early and have been using ever since) from FQ2FF
From the family I had a spiralizer, two books and some Orla Keily style writing paper.
As it was a work/college/uni day, the morning was spent alone, doing the usual chores, shopping etc...
...but I did take time out for some little indulgences, for example in Lidl today I saw their bakery had mini Danish pastries.
I love pain aux raisins, so treated myself to one...only 15p!
...not only that, but I indulged in a spot of daytime knitting and daytime TV!
By 2pm everyone was home, so we popped out to a new Costa which opened nearby ( with free parking too!) and indulged in some yummy treats.
Our story tonight at Friday Club was John the Baptist.
To try and bring the story alive a little for the children, I took along some honey and bought a box of live locusts from Pets At Home  (John's staple desert diet!)
After the story I offered them a taste of the honey and gestured they might like to try the locusts too (without actually saying it!)
Their response of course was hilarious.
I did however let them each hold the box in turn and examine the little critters close up.
One girl was very interested indeed and spent the rest of the activity time watching them.
She thought their heads were very similar to dragonflies.
When her mum arrived she was very eager to show them to her mum...who was not so keen at all!
I now need to find someone with an exotic pet to pass them on to.
I knew one of them mums did...but its a small lizard and I bought adult locusts.
I will put a message on Facebook  tomorrow to see if anyone has a friend who would like them.
Teen Two said he felt sorry for them in the box all their life...and I too felt the same...but then when you consider how their end will be, the box doesn't seem such a bad place to be after all!
For the craft, Teen One cut out bird/dove shapes ( the Holy Ghost descended on the Lord as a dove) and we gave the children a selection of feathers to decorate their birds with... little girl was very creative with hers!
I must say, she is a lovely girl, sometimes rather high spirited, but today she came in crying and when I heard why my heart broke a little for her.
Her mum had accidently left her school bag on the bus...wouldn't seem too heartbreaking you would think, but her new spellings list was in there and her teacher had said no playdough time next week if they don't learn them!
Also, she had just got a book out of the school library on dinosaurs, not only was she going to be in trouble for losing the book, she was really looking forward to reading it!
Having assured her the teacher would understand when it was explained what had happened, and then remembered I had a Dinosaur Top Trumps box in a drawer, I offered her it for the week, so she could still learn some dinosaur facts.
She was the same girl who was interested in the locusts and by the time the session was over, and her mum came to collect her, she had forgotten all about the lost bag.
I suggested as the school logo would be on the bag the driver or some kind passenger may hand it in to the school.

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  1. Locusts indeed! We will see you going into the jungle soon! Happy Birthday x