Sunday, 4 December 2016

Will She Or Won't She?

I was up early today to get ahead with the dinner preparations,
going out most of yesterday meant I wasn't as organised as usual.
So at 6.45am I got up to make dessert.
Today it was something new...
Toblerone Cheesecake.
Recipe is below, but I have to confess to going off piste as usual!
I missed out the gelatine and sugar and used
 2/3rds of a pot 250ml pot of cream
 one tub of cream cheese
half a standard toblerone
I had a feeling it would be too cloying  for me so got some raspberries out of the freezer and everyone thought it was a good addition.
I don't think the gelatine would have added anything to be honest, it set well as it was, but was possibly a different texture that's all.
The rest of the day was the "same old"
Church, roast dinner, Rummikub, but no time for Scrabble,
Hubby was preaching in Bognor for their "Friends and Neighbours Service"
So we headed out there soon after 3pm
The drive took us mostly along the coast and the sunset was lovely.
Teen Two was doing some experimenting, inspired by something he saw on YouTube....
I am not too sure exactly what it entailed...other than freezing some toys to make it look like they were encased in ice and trying to get out!
He was impressed with the how they looked and since these are toys he doesn't play with anymore, should the ice have any lasting effects it won't matter.
He does love his experimenting that's for sure.
Tomorrow is a big day for the family....
Teen One's driving test!
It hardly seems possible!
So...think of her at 11.11am won't you!
Hubby and I took two attempts, so lets see if she can beat us!

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  1. I will be thinking of her - let me know will you? PLease send her my best wishes xx