Monday, 12 December 2016

Virtual Reality!

This morning was my usual visit to My Monday Recycled Teenager, we had our usual catch up and I did a bit of hoovering for her, before we headed out to Morrisons.
Teen One spent the morning finishing her assignment...
...and having taken it into Uni, returned library books, she is now a lady of leisure!
After lunch Teen Two and I popped into town and as usual he wanted a look round Game.
They have refurbished our local store, and part of it is now a place to play on games stations and also a virtual reality set.
Teen Two was eager to have a go, and at £5 for ten minutes, whilst it seemed a bit steep....I thought ten minutes was probably about as much time as I would want his head being in a virtual world!
In actual fact, they gave him extra time and he had 20minutes!
He really loved it and will no doubt spend some of his pennies on it again.

Back home it was time for some bunny hugging for him...
...and for me it was a spot of sock knitting, with Milly cosying up next to me.

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