Friday, 16 December 2016

The Reason For The Season

Today has been all about the last minute preparations for tonight's Carol Service.
For us, as a very small congregation ( a dozen regulars) this is the culmination of a years work.
It is the only time we see the little church hall packed to capacity.
This year was no exception, although we were had slightly less, around 80, rather than around 100, but for us it is a thrill to see so many folk who would not normally consider coming to church.
As well as the traditional Carols, the children take part, singing, reading etc,  we have a parent vs children quiz and then a simple gospel message.
Our preacher tonight brought along a bucket of rocks and whoever would have thought our fidgety group of children (and adults!) would be so quiet as he simply explained sin is like that bucket of rocks, weighing us down.
At the end of the message it was time for the BIG EVENT!
The children all poured out to the front to pull the snowball apart...what fun and hopefully what memories for them too.
They all loved their presents....phew!
Mince pies, sausage rolls and other treats were then  enjoyed by all.
Boy what a mess mince pies can make!
With the clearing up done, we finally made it home absolutely exhausted...but very happy.
We only do what we do, Friday by Friday, year in year out, to share the love of the Lord and point folk to the Saviour.....80 more people in our neighbourhood now have that message and we pray they take it to their hearts, He is, after all, the REASON for the SEASON.
Teen One and I wore out Festive Frocks and had lots of compliments paid.
Tomorrow is an early start....we are off to London for the day, the plan is, the new Lego shop in Leicester Square, lunch in Covent Garden a mooch around the market and some time watching the street entertainers, then over to Harrods, the Science Museum, walk through Hyde Park to admire the Winter Wonderland and finally Oxford Street to see Selfridges window display and of course the if this blog is late tomorrow you will understand why!

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