Wednesday, 14 December 2016

The Elusive M&S Fir Cone Desserts!

This morning I took Grandma and Teen One over to Southampton to see Hubby's cousin, whose husband has been diagnosed with a brain tumour.
Initially he was told he had six months to live, but now they are talking about "making him better."
So we do hope and pray they are successful.
It was a shock seeing him so gaunt and of course bald, it shouldn't have been as we have of course known how ill he was.
Their grandchildren were there, which is the highlight of their day.
We hadn't met either before ( but had knitted for them of course!) so it was lovely to see them finally.
It was lovely for Teen One to be able to play with her second cousin, once removed, or whatever the relationship is!
The little lad was old enough to enjoy showing us his favourite toys, although his favourite spot was sitting on grandad's lap.
I took in some biccies for the kiddies, I thought these were rather novel...although having taken a closer look I wonder if the little lad will think the gingerbread man is know how kids hate broken biscuits!
For the grown ups I took what are probably my favourite cookies from M&S!
We are treated to them at Parent and Toddlers and they really are scrummy...especially dunked!
After our visit, I remembered there was a Hobbycraft nearby, and Teen One had mentioned she needed a better sketch pad, so we diverted there instead of going straight home.
I also remembered there was a lovely garden centre next we went in and had a look round...and ending up stopping for a very delicious soup lunch.
The desserts looked amazing, but the soup was very filling, so we will have to revisit another time and just have dessert!
I am sure we have all seen the lovely M&S food adverts, and for a couple of weeks I have been trying to get hold of the fir cone desserts.
I finally found them last week but they were part of the "Dine for Two" range and didn't have any individual price label...I was loathe to buy them without knowing how much they cost, and assumed I would be able to buy them again, when I had more time to enquire on the price.
I tried our local branch the next day, they didn't have any.
Tried another branch the following day...nope...
...decided yesterday in Chichester I would get the Dine for Two offers and eek out the courses, adding some veg etc (£20 for four of us seemed rather too extravagant!)
Sadly, they had no fir cones, I asked the assistant and she said they were expecting more in, and I also saw the Dine for Two offer was still running.
So, on our way home today we passed a large M&S and off Teen One and I sauntered, to see what treats we could choose.
Not only were there not any fir cones, the Dine for Two offer had ended!
So I really really regret having had them in my hand last week, not buying them!
To ease the pain Teen One and I decided to try out these eclairs instead...
...oh and boy were they good!
I suspect I would prefer them to the fir cones anyway!
 Back home,I was sorting out a box of decorations that came from next door last year, and found this little plastic wreath....I put most of what was in the box in a charity bag....but I thought this would brighten up our gate a little.
Lets see if its still there in the morning!

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