Wednesday, 21 December 2016

The Amazing Festival Of Lights!

Early this morning we set of for Warminster, passing a very misty Salisbury Cathedral, at 404ft its the tallest in England.
En route, Hubby made a secret stop over nearby, at a place his colleague has to visit every day with his little son who is dinosaur mad.
Pop a pound into the slot and a very impressive roar comes out..and some fairly convincing movements too...and all for charity!
Had Teen Two been younger he would have been it was, it did raise a small wow, which was gratifying for Hubby at least!
I made the most of the couple of hours in the car and got on with the stripey sock
Pretty soon we were at our destination....Longleat Safari Park.
FQ2FF asked the question "what were you doing at 10.44am?"
Well I reckon I was about the lemur walkthrough...and just look at this cute bundle of lemurs!
Next was the "do not get out of your cars" section..starting with one of my favourites, the zebras
then it was the monkey enclosure...the highlight of the visits really.....of course there was no way we were going to take my new car through here, but Hubby bravely allowed his car to be provided as their new toy for the day...well for 15mins of it anyway!
We had more than one visitor and one of them has stripped something off the back of the be expected and Hubby isn't too worried thankfully.
Next up was hand feeding the fallow deer...
...they are not at all shy that's for sure!
Teen One didn't fancy getting her hands messy....and she wasn't disappointed when she saw the state of Teen Two's!
We even had the honour of having this grand stag come to pay a visit...and thankfully he didn't attempt to get more than his nose on the car window!
Next up was the Big Cats...tigers...
...lions.... cheetahs...
...then an hour or so later, back to the walking safari, staring with  an anteater....such a peculiar looking creature!
We might have bunnies at home, but Teen Two couldn't resist these giant ones...
...this rather flat tortoise is aptly called a Pancake Tortoise...
...Teen Two got close up and friendly with a snake....
...and we ALL held Gwen!!!
Weren't we brave!
After a tour of Longleat House, a hot chocolate stop, it was dark outside and the amazing Festival Of Lights was open.
Part of it was dedicated to Beatrix Potter for her 100th Anniversary...
part was to celebrate all things Safari...
...although we sadly didn't see Anne the elephant today, she was resting in her barn, it was amazing to see these elephants made of china egg cups and tea cups!
There was also a 50th Birthday celebration for Longleat itself...
...everywhere we looked there were stunning displays...
..representing life at Longleat, and it was a sight to behold and not captured very well at all on camera.
Even the light rain didn't dampen our pleasure as we turned each corner wondering what we would see next.
It truly was a work of art and something we would definitely do again.
It's been another lovely family day....something some of my friends no longer are able to do, their own Teens no longer want to hang around with their parents, or go on holiday with them....we are cherish these special days together.

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