Friday, 23 December 2016

Still Making And Wrapping Presents!

As  I had left my camera at my friends last night, I was unable to take any pictures today...which I have to say I really missed!
So, instead of having a blank page to look at, I thought I would let you enjoy Percy's cute little face again!
This morning I was up early to dash into Asda for a couple of little presents I wanted, and they are usually the only place these items can be found...but sadly they didn't have any, so I had to have a quick rethink...but managed to thankfully.
I was back in time for the arrival of a friend from Leicester.
We enjoyed some homemade mince pies over a cuppa and catch up.
She had no sooner left than a family friend came with presents for the Teens and the news she may have to go back into hospital over Christmas if the new antibiotics she had today don't work, it appears there has been a complication with her gall bladder removal.
Hubby then came home, with no more work till the new year, he is mightily relieved for the break, its been a hectic few weeks for him.
I had booked them in to see "Fantastic Beasts and How to Find Them" a the cinema.
I really didn't want to see it, its just not my sort of film and with so many things still do to, aside from the extra trip out to the country to get my camera, I cried off going.
I had the house to myself for an hour or so and did quite a bit,  still making and wrapping presents nstill a few to go...then headed out to get my camera, ending up at the shopping centre where the family were watching the film.
I sat in the car for a bit doing some knitting, the weather was foul outside and I really didn't want to wander round any more shops!
I did eventually brave it outside but after a brief looked round M&S, went into a coffee shop to people watch till the family were out.
I had the treat of a free chai latte as my rewards card was full up!
With the family finally out, hailing it an excellent film, we headed into Harvester for yet another treat!
I can remember when Hubby and I only went out for a meal once a times have changed!

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