Friday, 23 December 2016

Saturday 22nd Dec 2016: Is This The Cutest Pet?

This morning I had to take Grandma to the hospital for a gynae issue, so left the Teens doing their gingerbread houses.
I was most impressed with Teen Two's flower design!
His attempt at a wreath and bow was pretty good too...considering he only had those little gel tubes to pipe with!
I was back home by lunchtime, with good news, Grandma's issue was nothing sinister ( that had been a possibility) but will need a biopsy to determine what treatment will work best to relieve her symptoms.
With the gingerbread houses left to dry out, I made up some royal icing, and left the Teens to work their magic on this years snow scene.
The Playmobil/Lego figures now down to just two, to represent the Teens.
In times past it has been pretty much full of them!
Less is most definitely not more in these scenes!
Teen One had plans to meet up with old friends for coffee, and we also had an invite out to friends in the country.
I offered to take a dessert, so did my usual White Chocolate Torte, which Teen One decorated for me.
I dropped Teen One off near her meeting place, took Teen Two to see a friend who lived nearby, and enjoyed a cup of coffee with his mum in their lovely kitchen (not jealous not jealous!)
When Teen One was ready, we then headed out to the country.
We had such a treat when we of the daughters ( a trainee teacher) has the
cutest pet ever!
Now Percy isn't cute and cuddly that's for sure, but really is very cute indeed!
He is an African Pygmy Hedgehog and is about 4years old.
Needless to say the Teens ( and ourselves) were captivated by him!
Tonight we saw his "twin" on a John Lewis advert!
When we managed to prise ourselves away from our prickly friend, we played some games, always great fun.
A new game to us was "Bounce Off" which involves bouncing ping pong balls into a particular pattern...not at all easy but a lot of fun!
When playing a different game later on, when our family won, my friend presented us with a "prize" for being the winders.....our own Bounce Off!
No doubt it will bring us plenty of fun over the coming days.
It was gone 10pm before we left and Teen One drove us home, the more practise she can get the better.
When we arrived home I realised I had left my camera behind, part of the reason for not blogging...but it was also very late so it was straight to bed!

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