Friday, 2 December 2016

Proving Dough In the Fridge?

My morning wasn't the morning I had expected, but it was enjoyable none the less.
Teen One had a call to say her friend wasn't able to go to Uni today, there wasn't enough time for Teen One to get the bus and as she was only in for two hours, ( the same time the bus can take) its easier for me to take her the 30-40mins drive, do some shopping, then bring her home again.
They have a nice big M&S Food Hall in Bognor, so I had a wander round to see what their Christmas treats were like...the ads certainly look amazing!
I am rather partial to their bakery granola bars, but sadly there was no one manning the bakery and whilst I could see the bars on the trays ready to be put in the basket, having waited for a few minutes, no one was in I had a lemon tart instead.
I bought a few bits and pieces, but some are destined as pressies for the Teens, so just incase they take a peek at the blog I had better not share it all...but I thought these looked fun, and we all love tea cakes and ginger so a good combination I reckon.
I love a bargain, and at 35p this was certainly worth trying...infact I bought three packs in the hopes they are good.
I hadn't really bargained for the fact it would need two lots of proving, so is more of a faff than I was hoping....but I am trying something out...
I heard many years ago you can prove dough in the fridge overnight.
It seemed an extremely odd thing to do when I first heard it, since proving is usually done in a warm place.
I have vivid memories of my grandmother proving bread, covered in tea towels, in front of the fire.
So, the dough has been made and is now in the conservatory ( which is as cold as the fridge at the moment!) and I hope tomorrow to present the family with freshly baked muffins for breakfast....'ll find out tomorrow how it goes!

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  1. Good luck on the proving - I must admit to being sceptical!