Saturday, 10 December 2016

Pangs Of Guilt!

This morning I was awake before Hubby, so I did the honours and took him and Teen Two a cuppa and a bowl of cereal  to have in bed....setting the pace of the day...well for Teen Two and I at least!
Teen One spent the entire day ( stopping only for lunch) getting an assignment done, and is still at it now ( having stopped for dinner)
for the first time in many years, I was able to understand what her maths was!
I kept her supplied with one of her favourite hot drinks!
Hubby spent most of the day finishing off putting the new fence up, it is now has needed doing for years so is a really good job out of the is supposed to be weatherproof for the next ten years, so we wont have to worry for a while.
Lets see how the bushes come up next year now, we hacked them to the ground!
I spent the morning wrapping more Friday Club presents and now have three Ikea bags full...which is definitely the bulk of it done.
I know there are a few still to do, but I forgot to bring the registers home so will have to do the last few tomorrow when I bring them back from church, then triple check  all names are accounted for.
This means the attic floor is much clearer ( there was no walking space at all before!)
The bed also is no longer covered in wrapping paper, empty bags and all manner of Christmassy things.
Hidden from view of this shot is the piles of family presents  (exciting aye...piles!!) which will get wrapped as soon as things are a bit calmer!
At least there isn't the Dec 24th  deadline with these ones...but I would like to have them done before then.
With lunch out of the way, and upstairs looking tidier than it has since mid November, I felt like a relaxing afternoon....a cheesy Christmas film and some knitting.
By the time the film was finished I had knitted the bootees, sewn them up and sewn up the hat.
I have to say, having seen a newborn in the week, the hat seems rather was first size too!
Oh well, I guess it will last a long time!
I hope to sew up the jacket tonight ( hate the sewing up!)
I can then get back to some sock knitting, which I have really missed!
I think sewing up must be a recent "hate" as I remember back in the 80's, when intarsia jumpers were the rage, a friend in Scotland had a little business making jumpers on her knitting machine.
The knitting didn't take long, but the sewing did.
She had four children and her husband had been made redundant, but he still had lots of contacts in the office we worked for.
My friend always had orders from the office, and at one point had trouble keeping up with them. As this was their only income, she was keen to not refuse any orders, but was getting snowed under with it all.
So I asked her to see if it was viable to post the knitted items down to me, I would then sew them and post them back to her.
She made such a profit on the jumpers that believe it or not, it was worthwhile (I didn't take any money for doing it of course.)
So for months that was how my evenings after work were spent!
Maybe that's were the "hate" started??
Teen Two spent the afternoon bunny hugging.
Little One (or "Flora" as she has been re named) whilst hard to catch, was happy to sit for almost two hours being loved and stroked.
Hubby has put the hutch out in the garden now, so tonight is their first time back in the open air...
...I feel a little guilty I must admit!


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