Sunday, 25 December 2016

Our Family Christmas Day

This morning started relatively early....6am, with Teen Two coming in with his stocking,
but after that we dozed off for a couple of hours which was bliss!
Teen One didn't come in to us until around 8.30am
We had church as usual first thing, so had organised with the Teens that we would open the pressies after.
After church we called in to see an old lady who is no longer able to attend services, and sang a Carol for doubt much to the bemusement of the neighbours!
She was delighted to see us and although we tried to persuade her to come to dinner, she was happier being quiet at home.
So back home, it was on with the kettle and time for opening presents.
A candy cane Pandora for Teen One ( amongst many other things of course!)
Teen Two and Grandma got a fit of the giggles as he  delved into the quilt cover for his final present...
...which was a mug that can have Lego designs added to it...very innovative indeed!
Hubby got lost in a car book...
...and I had a surprise present of a camera!
We don't spend much on each other so this was a surprise indeed!
My existing camera can take several seconds to take a picture, which means lots of "moments" are lost, so this will be perfect!
It was then on to dinner, the usual turkey roast with all the trimmings...
...with our homemade cranberry sauce and our very special spoon, a present from Grandma a few years ago.
3pm meant, everything stops for the Queens speech...
...then on with the fun...the Teens both love games, today we had a new game of charades....
...with plenty of scope for choice...
...then it was Pie Face!
We all got splattered and the laughs could be heard next door I suspect!
It was then time for a rest..and what better way to rest than watching Bake Off..
...with some knitting.
By the end of it I had finished the first stripey sock...
...and mastered the grafting finally!
It's been a lovely quiet family day and tomorrow we will have Christmas Day all over again as Hubby's family start to arrive....but no cooking for me this time!


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  1. Looks like you've had fun day - but PLEASE leave pie face at home!