Tuesday, 20 December 2016

More German Markets And Sympathies To Berlin

Today we started the day off with a hearty full English in Ikea....we only have the small breakfast ( who could eat two of everything?!) and it lasts us for lunch as well.
No one was happier to be there than me as I had been awake most of the night with a niggly pain in my stomach....but thankfully it went away after about eight hours...I was beginning to think we might have to postpone Christmas!
I must say, you can't beat Ikea for being family friendly, I noticed for the first time today, they have a special private area for mums who are breastfeeding.
And for mums who are bottle feeding, or have toddlers, they have this lovely kitchen area, complete with everything a mum away from home would need.
There is also of course, the play areas where parents can eat and watch their little ones at the same time.
After buying the bits and pieces I had wanted in Ikea, we walked into Southampton town centre.
Funnily enough it was full of German Market Stalls...selling the same produce we saw in London!
Thinking about German Market Stalls...how sad to hear of the attack on one in Berlin last night.
Our hearts go out to the families who have lost loved ones out there.
We had actually talked about going to a Dutch or German market this year, so thankful we didn't.
Walking round Southampton we saw our favourite Pretzel makers from the US.....Auntie Annes make the best cinnamon pretzel ever!
Teen One loves "unusual" skirts and was excited to  see Cath Kidstone have brought out a Disney range....and couldn't resist buying this lovely skirt.
It will go with lots of things and bring a smile to the faces of her pupils no doubt!
When we arrived home, I was so so excited to see my sock wool had arrived!
I can thoroughly recommend the seller Woolstack
I ordered yesterday and it arrived today!
This afternoon Teen One made more gift tags...she has really been enjoying this project and posted pictures to a friend in Malaysia who now wants some!
Cheeky Milly decided to help as well!
I spent the afternoon in the attic wrapping presents....most of which are done finally!
Only when I came downstairs did I remember two DVD's I bought for Teen Two, but have no idea where they are...GRRR!
Why do I always do it!!
Later in the afternoon the bunnies old owners called round with  a gift for us which was very unexpected...
...Teen Two happened to have the bunnies in at the time, so it was lovely for them to see them being truly loved.
The little girl came as well, its the first time she has seen them since the summer...I do hope it doesn't rekindle her love for them!
Tomorrow we have booked to see The Festival Of Lights at Longleat, so I hope I don't have another disturbed night!