Sunday, 11 December 2016

Missing Those Early Years!

This morning was the usual sort of morning, church first thing, followed by a roast dinner
and then an afternoon of games for Grandma
There was also some more bunny hugging with Flora... well as some gaming...
...whilst Grandma wrote out a message to later on type out to her niece in Australia, to express her sadness at the loss of her dad this week.
Hubby showed Grandma how to use the keypad, but it did not come naturally!
Bless her she did at least try!
Poor Teen One had no day of rest at all, it was on with the assignment.
It is true, she COULD have had the day off, but as her friend is going in to Uni tomorrow to drop her own work off, it makes more sense to go in with her, rather than have to make a special trip Tues or Weds, which is the deadline.
She is almost finished she tells me and has tomorrow morning to add the final touches.
For was an hour of knitting, but true to form, I thought I could shortcut what the pattern said...basically because I had lost track of where I was in the round and didn't think it matter!
But when the pattern says about rearranging really does matter...
....this is NOT a good look and is probably highly uncomfortable!
Well, I decided I need peace and quiet to work out where I should have the stitches on the needles, so will do that Tuesday when the house is quiet.
I might even have a go at grafting, I failed miserably some years ago, but with the advent of YouTube  I might be more successful.
So,  I cracked on with the second sock instead.
I am at the easy peasy enjoyable bit at the moment, which is bliss!
It was back to church this evening and tonight's preacher brought along his little family, a two year old and 6mth old.....lots of hugs and cuddles for Teen One and I after....simply delightful!
And contrary to what is so often said...I did not want to hand her back!
I could do the preschool years all over again!
I remember dreading the teenage years when the Teens were Tots, and wondered how Grandma coped with five teenagers!
"I enjoyed all the stages of our children growing up" she said....I thought that was just not possible...surely teenagers are troublesome, moody, money pits!
But nope, I have to agree with her....I have enjoyed all the stages of our children......but I do miss those early years!

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