Monday, 5 December 2016

It's A "I'm Sorry To Tell You..." This Time

Well sadly we are going to need the L plates for a while longer.
Teen One followed in the family tradition of not passing her driving test first time.
She failed on:
Entering a roundabout too soon
Not reducing speed in a 30mph zone soon enough
Not making enough observations whilst parallel parking.
Her instructor said she didn't need any more lessons and to rebook asap.
A slot was available this Thursday which he wanted her to apply for, but she has an assignment due in lunch time, which is when the test was, and she isn't sure she can get the assignment finished by Wednesday, so has booked one at the end of January.
We will take her out in between times, something we hadn't done ( the offer was always there) and hopefully this will be the last £62 we pay out for the test....but will have to brace ourselves for the insurance when she does pass!
So it was a little sad, but she was fairly chipper about it (  I think I cried for a week when I failed at 18!)
Teen Two and I went to see my Monday Recycled Teenager as usual whilst Teen One had her test.
We saw this in Morrisons, and being malt loaf lovers thought we would give it a go.
My car was really grubby after some long journeys last week, and I still cannot bring myself to let the supermarket car park crew wash it ( I am such a scrooge!) so enquired how much the hand jet wash was..... was £1 for 2.5 minutes.
I had two pound coins and hoped that would be enough, but Teen Two made such a good job with the soap brush we ran out of time to get all the suds off...and I didn't have another pound coin!
So, as there was someone waiting to use the wash after us, I had to drive round the garage area, park up, get some money changed and then join the queue again!
He thought it was great fun, much better than the machine car washes, which typically they have always loved.
So as this is cheaper, we will do this in future and remember to take a collection of coins.
I did wonder if it was possible to just use the high powered wash if the car wasn't too dirty...that could be done with one pound I think....I like the idea of that!
This afternoon I did the usual washing, bathroom cleaning, changed the bed sheets and then made  a coffee and walnut cake to take to a friend tomorrow...
...Teen One worked on her assignment...
...and Teen Two cleaned out the gerbil cage, and spent an hour or so playing with them in their pen.
I had hoped to do more today than I have, like starting the Christmas cards and finishing off the baby jacket....I hope once dinner is cooked and cleared up I have some energy left to tackle at least one of them!


  1. Someone once said to me "ladies of our age don't wash their cars!" Whether that's true or not I will stick to the drive through hand wash - it always comes out gleaming!

    1. Is that like the jet wash I used yesterday?