Thursday, 1 December 2016

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Thursdays are always a busy morning for me, but this morning was more hectic than usual!
For some reason I had marked down Teen Two as having the dentist tomorrow, so was surprised to receive a text from the dentist saying it was 9am!
I usually collect Grandma at that time and we go to church and get the place heated up before the mums and tots arrive.
So, I had to take Grandma half an hour earlier...and then factor in the fact it was going to take ten minutes to clear the car of frost, and get to the dentist the other side of town in rush hour!
Nor did I  factor in the fact the extra heater I took along to help warm the place up, was going to drop its plug behind the telecommunications box outside church and jam itself well and truly!
In the end I managed to get it out with a long wooden spoon, but what a palava!
At the dentist we were then kept waiting 20mins whilst I could hear the staff chatting about Christmas parties, shifts and the like....they are lovely ladies and I appreciate all their patience and friendliness towards Teen Two...but I felt a bit cheesed off at having to wait so long past our appointment time for no genuine reason.
Teen Two had a clean bill of health and I got him to college only five minutes past registration time.
Just to add a bit of pressure, I had promised to run the activity table in place of someone else who had a busy week...but thankfully I arrived shortly before the mums and the gingerbread decorations were a hit...although I suspect none of them made it to their trees!
These cheerful festive tubes from Home Bargains were a hit and I found the little ones managed the tubes of icing gel better than the usual icing in those little tubes...they can never apply enough pressure to get it out!
After another delectable lunch of avocado and poached egg, I tackled the Christmas tree.
I haven't teased out all the branches yet, but it is much bigger than I expected!
It looks really nice, even without any deccies on, although this is a pretty rubbish picture, some of the branches are quite realistic looking and Teen One will love the height.
I think we need more lights though...there are three lots on here and they are swamped by the size of the tree.
I have left the deccies for the Teens to put on, that has always been their job.
I have friends who wont allow their children near their trees, as they have to have them picture book perfect...not so in this house, its all about recreating memories as each decoration is taken out of the box, many of them homemade or gifts...such happy memories!
I did however make a start on putting some of the decorations out around the house.
This was a gift last year and I had completely forgotten about it till I opened the box...
...I like to keep this mantelpiece night time its lovely to walk past and see my "knitted" moose stood so serenely in the lights...he was a present to myself a couple of years ago,
I had admired him in The Range but couldn't justify buying him, we already have so many decorations and had received two more boxes from next door...but after Christmas he was in the sale for £1!
These knitted carol singers were in the box...and funnily enough I had always intended knitting them myself as I have the now I don't have to bother!
These were also in the box...and you know what Teen Two is like about teddies!
These three cheeky chaps were a gift when the Teens were tots, I used to have them in the front room window for little ones to see as they walked by on their way to school...but I thought I would upgrade them to the living room this year!
The Christmas table runner is on and  a new candle tray Teen One and I saw in Tiger a while back.
There are still boxes and boxes of things to unearth but I have lost the enthusiasm for the moment and also, the Teens are usually around when we do this, usually the first Saturday in December with an old Peoples Friend carols CD playing in the it feels a little lonely doing it by myself... I shall wait until they are around and then enjoy it together.
I am hoping also to downsize the deccie box...there are some that we never get out...mostly inherited ones.....I think as all the kind givers are no longer here, we don't need to feel guilty about passing them on to charity...well most of them anyway...and somehow I think the guilt will still be niggling away a little!