Saturday, 3 December 2016

It Worked!

This morning was a slow wake up, followed by a cuppa in bed and the sounds of the road sweeper clearing away the shed load of leaves that have blown down in recent weeks...I was thankful to be warm and cosy in bed I must admit!
You will remember I had left the muffin dough in the cold last night....and I was surprised to see it had risen this morning!
I didn't read the instructions properly and had assumed they  were going to be cooked in the I put the oven on and let the muffins do their second rise in the warmth of the top oven.
It was only when I went to put them in the oven 45mins later that I re read the packet and saw it said to fry the muffins!
Well I didn't want to waste the heat in the oven so cooked them in there instead...which I think accounts for why they aren't flat....
...but once split in half and buttered, the looked and tasted like a muffin...albeit it not a toasted muffin.
I really don't like toasting fresh bread, it seems such a "waste" and I felt the same about these muffins...
..I had mine simply buttered, but the rest of the family chose the "egg McMuffin" option...really easy to cook eggs in the microwave for one minute ( add some cheese as a treat!)
We all enjoyed our cheap and cheerful brekkie and I will definitely be happy to use the other two packets I bought....but don't think I will rush to pay the full £2 for it.
The rest of the morning was spent with Teen One decorating the tree....
...Teen Two hung up the chocolates and Teen One does the prettying bit...
...we alternate between a star and an angel on top, and this year it was the turn of the star.
We try and buy a new deccie for the tree each year but this year Teen Two decided to make a Lego Candy cane for us instead!
Hubby continued with the garden fence, and we now have one whole panel up!
Teen Two did some bunny hugging, whilst I made soup and pottered putting decorations up around the house.
My camera ran out of charge so I will post some pics tomorrow.
We then decided to do something special and go out for lunch "just because!"
We went to a local marina and eventually chose a Tex Mex restaurant
Teen Two and I went for the Christmas burrito, which was filled with turkey, butternut squash, green beans, cranberry and stuffing, with a side of sweet potato fries and more cranberry sauce ( and a chipotle one which I didn't bother with)
Hubby and Teen One went with a chicken and beef burrito...
...we had all chosen the lunch meal deal, so Teen One had a banana burrito for her dessert...
...whilst Hubby and Teen Two had the honeycomb smash cheesecake.
I had chosen a starter of nachos, which we all shared...and the kind waiter brought along an extra spoon for me, on the assumption some kind member of my family would share theirs with me too!
Its been a lovely take it as we find it family day.
Tonight we are going out to a Bible study a few miles away, where the Teens tell me they have great suppers!
Good job we are by passing tea!

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