Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Heston! Whatever Next?

This morning Teen One and I went to Chichester for hopefully the last of the Christmas presents!
It was a really damp and dreary day, but Chichester is a lovely place to walk round, with its Catherdral, Market Cross and unique shops.
They also have  a lovely Christmas Market, full of unusual gifts made by local artisans...sadly I timed it wrong and it finished at the weekend!
After walking round for a while and not finding anything inspiring, we decided to rest our weary feet in Starbucks.
You can't beat their luxury fruit bread...yum!
I had an eggnog latte for the first time, wasn't sure what to expect but it was quite nice.
We then hit the shops again, first off going to a card shop....now I know you can buy cards for and from anyone these days...but really....is this necessary!
There is a lovely oil and vinegar shop I like to visit, with all sorts of unusual things on sale, and lots to sample...something both Teen One and I enjoy!
We sampled this mango vinegar, which was delicious!
It can be added to salads of course, or meat marinades, but is also recommended in greek yogurt, fizzy water or for those who indulge, Prosecco!
I have bought a bottle for a family friend...
...along with this Thai dip, which we also sampled, and can be added to mayo, yogurt, rubbed into fish, meat etc.
When I saw this I couldn't resist it for Teen Two!
I think its what I would call a "modern" jam...ie more of a chutney as opposed to a sweet preserve to go on toast etc.
Hopefully it will go well with cheese...but I am expecting him to think it is regular jam to start with...
I am sure it will bring a laugh to his face!
By the way...has anyone seen the Waitrose ad for bacon and banana trifle!!
Maybe this could be the way to get him to enjoy fruit!
Teen One saw these in the shop (along with lots of other sorts of corn for popping...who knew there was more than one sort!)
They are called Ruby Red, so we are hoping they will look festive when popped.
For some time I have wanted to buy puzzle board, so the table can be freed up when needed, but I have baulked at the online prices I have seen...so imagine my delight to see this in The Works, just the sort I wanted, with wings either side to hold "sorted" pieces.
I decided to buy one for a friend, who also enjoys puzzles when the family are together...I am hoping she hasn't already got one!
When I went to pay for it the assistant said she would do something with the price...she then went through a leaflet on the counter and took 20% off!
So each case cost £16...way way cheaper than online!
Our local paper had a little brochure in on Saturday, which showed a flea zapper.
I have never heard of such a thing before, but as Teen One was sure one of our cats still had fleas ( so much easier to see on a pure white cat!) and we couldn't use any more treatment for a couple of weeks, I went online to see if I could get it cheaper...which I did ( its always worth shopping around!)
I ordered it yesterday and it arrived this afternoon!
One of the reviewers said it was very pleasing to see the zapped flea "sparkle"
and I must say...I completely agree with her!
I had three sparkles!
I haven't managed to do Milly yet, she has longer fur and is less tolerant of being interfered with if she isn't in the mood!
It should also  be safe to use on the bunnies...if it keeps the little jumping critters at bay it will have paid for itself in the first month, as it cost £24 which is about the price of flea treatment...which the fleas seem to be resistant to from time to time.
This afternoon I finished off the Friday Club presents....I will tick them off for the second time as they are put into the giant snowball on Thursday, ready for the Carol Service on Friday.
I will breath a sigh of relief when I know everyone has been accounted for, although I will of course have bag of spares just in case!
Teen One decided to do some art work this afternoon, with studying behind her for a while she can spend come time being a little creative.
Teen Two tried to get to grips with some drum lessons on the Wii, which was not as relaxing as he had hoped!
Hubby has been in Coventry all day for a seminar, and having got up at 4am to be there on time, he is no doubt going to come home shattered!


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