Friday, 9 December 2016

Has It Really Been A Year?

Today has been all about the last minute preparations for the Friday Club Christmas Party.
It doesn't seem a year since we were doing it last!
It takes a lot of organising and over the years less and less of us are around to do it, so it gets harder and harder...and we get older and older!
Grandma deserves a medal to still be in the thick of it at 82!
The Teens got the balloons blown up  whilst I did a hundred and one other things...
...the jam jar corner has become very popular and every year the kids have to remind me to find out who won each jar!
In a bid to make the party (just a little) healthier ( it is a party after all!) we had reduced the number of sweets we give out.
In the past we used to hand out sweets during Treasure Hunt, which was old coins hidden around the church, and exchanged for a sweet.
Nowadays we save our pennies and let them keep any they find, you wouldn't believe how excited they are to find and keep a penny!
Last year Teen Two created a load of mini lego figures and hid them around the church hall...this year, inspired by the Pokémon Go craze he downloaded a load of Pokémon characters....
...and created a tick list for the kids to go off exploring with ( sorry for the rubbish shot!)
They made great warming up games, keeping the kids amused until everyone had arrived.
It was then time for the team games...Hubby had created four Christmassy team names and got creative himself with posters for each team corner.
I have to was the NOISIEST party ever!
The kids really really love the team games we play...we have been playing for decades...long before I was around even!
But they are tried and tested and very much loved.
The cheering as each team won was unbelievable.
A small handful found it too much ( you ALWAYS get kids who don't like games, don't like noise and don't like wonders why they come!) and for those we had a quiet corner ( well as quiet as we could make it!) with colouring and a few toys.
The buzz from the rest of them was amazing and for the first year ever, we didn't have to tell anyone off.
We HATE HATE HATE having to tell some one off, anywhere, let alone the party...but the behaviour of some kids is just unbelievable...well you teachers out there will know exactly what I mean.
Their behaviour spoils the fun for everyone...but this year (with the odd bit of cheating exluded, which we turned a blind eye to) there wasn't one child who spoilt the fun for anyone...not only that, we didn't have any injuries...someone generally gets hurt somehow, and no one cried...that is generally a given with that number of children and the level of excitement!
So...what a party it was!
The colour in table cloth was a big hit and I will look out for some for next year.
We seem to have got the food just about, nuggets, hot dogs, potato shapes....
and the surprising favourite was ...watermelon Christmas trees!
I only bought a portion of watermelon, but everyone was asking for more, so next year I will buy a whole one.
We also put jelly and ice cream back on the menu with a 99flake added ( which Tesco have stopped selling they told me today so I had to make a trip to Morrisons as well, which I was not too pleased at!)

After tea the kids wanted to go back for more games but it was home time by then...for which we were very grateful, because of course we had been at church two and a half hours before the kids arrived and would be there over an hour after clearing up!
So we are now home, exhausted with aching feet, but happy to have provided some memories for our local kids.
On a sad note, we heard in the week Hubby's uncle in Australia, who we were looking forward to staying with in April, was diagnosed with cancer....this morning we woke to the news he had died very suddenly of a heart attack.
It was most unexpected, but a sweet release for him, he has missed his dear wife so badly since she died five months ago, and clearly was very unwell himself too.
Its been a real shock and I guess the busyness of the day has kept it from our minds, we do feel for the closer family who have lost both parents so close together.

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  1. I am sorry about your sad news - but, as you say, it sounds like a blessed release xx