Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Guilty As Charged!

This morning I woke early (4.44!) with a stinking headache and by 6am could ignore it no longer, so got up and made a cuppa and took some painkillers.
Hubby had a 9am appointment so didn't need to be up early, typical, we could have both slept in a bit (either one of us getting up generally wakens the other.)
Once up I sandwiched together the coffee and walnut cake and added the icing and scattered some walnuts on top.
By 8am I was ready for bed again...with the headache beaten into submission by a further lot of painkillers!
However, the day had to continue.
I called in to see our family friend, who is getting stronger by the day, but did have a bit of a set back with an ITU...don't you just hate the side effects of antibiotics for us women!
We had yet another reminisce and then it was time for me to head back home.
I arrived home to an unpleasant surprise!
I had, it appeared, been a naughty girl last week!
When picking up Teen One from school, I was trying to get into the line of traffic...but no one was keen to let me in...when I looked ahead I saw the lane I needed to be in a few yards up was clear....so with just about 20yards of bus lane between me and the lane I drove into the bus lane...oh dear...big mistake!
I had no idea it was illegal and that there were cameras there...had I known either I would have waited out the queue ( honest guv!)
So...for my misdemeanour I have  a Penalty notice of £60 with the usual "pay in 28days and the price is £30."
I was dumbfounded!
Well...the debt is now paid and I have learned my lesson...I will check the next time I am on that road to see if there are any signs..although it was of course dark so even if they are there I wouldn't have seen them no doubt.
The rest of the afternoon was spent in the attic, trying to make some headway with the Christmas presents for the Friday Nighters....it always takes an age...not just the wrapping, labelling and recording of who gets what  (I find that invaluable the following year!) but working out what to give who!
Two hours later I have made a little dent but can sit on the floor no longer so have abandoned it for the day job....
...which was getting dinner ready, starting with putting the sweet potatoes in the oven for jacket spuds....I don't know who is going to draw the short straw and have this skinny one, masquerading as a carrot!


  1. oops! As you say - guilty as charged. Any points on your licence?

  2. Not that I know of! Didn't see it mentioned in the letter anyway