Sunday, 18 December 2016

Getting To Grips With Grafting

Well after the long day yesterday, a lie in would have been nice this morning, but being Sunday, it was church as usual first thing...
...followed by the usual roast dinner, and a speedy dessert as I wasn't in the mood for baking anything.
I had half a jar of sweet mincemeat in the cupboard, as well as some ginger preserve that needed using up, so mixed it in with some vanilla ice cream and a good handful of mini marshmallows.
It then went back in the freezer to create a festive bombe!
I forgot to line the bowl with clingfilm for easy removal, but never mind!
I melted  a bar of Toblerone for the topping, which was delicious, not only was the warm chocolate great on top of the cold ice started to set a little so was a little chewy at the same time...
the Teens loved it and Grandma probably hadn't had anything like it before!
After dinner Grandma wanted Hubby to take her to Grandad's grave to leave a plant there.
I knew they would both be a bit emotional so stayed back to leave them to mourn in privacy.
It might be nearly nine years since he passed away, but each day he is missed.
Whilst they were away doing that, I had a go at grafting the second sock I finished Friday night.
I have to say, I was mighty pleased with how it worked out...for the most part!
I sat and read word by word what to do and re read each time...
I was amazed to see it coming out like it had actually been knitted!
Only trouble was....Hubby and Grandma came back part way and I was so excited to show her how good it was looking that I lost track of where I was and no matter how I tried I couldn't work out what was the next decided to wing it for the final few stitches...who's going to see it after all!
So next time ( and yes there are new stitches on the needle again!) I will do this stage in complete privacy!

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