Thursday, 15 December 2016

Festive Frocks!

This morning was our last Parent and Toddler for the year, and as usual we were treated to boxes of chocolates and biscuits by the mums....I also had the treat of holding a newborn....can't beat that feeling!
When everyone had gone and we had cleared up, Teen One and I filled this humble, giant paper mache snowball with the presents I have been buying and wrapping for what seems like forever!
I meant to take a picture before we sealed it all up, but forgot!
My late father in law made the snowball, to seal it up, cotton is wound round tiny is a painstaking job and sometimes it all pops apart!
I used super strong thread and wound it round each screw several times, so I hope when we arrive tomorrow night it will all be intact.
Needless to say, when the children start arriving and want to roll the snowball around I put a swift stop to it!
The chairs will be removed when we arrive and at the end of the Carol Service the children will do a "tug of war" with each side of the snowball until the thread breaks and the pressies cascade out.....then trying to get the kids back to their seats ready for their names to be called out is the last challenge of the year!
When we arrived home, the postie had been, and in perfect timing, had brought a couple of treats I had bought Teen One....festive frocks!
Teen One's is skater style....
...mine is swing flare, and thankfully not "mini" as described online!
I do love gingerbread men decorations, so couldn't resist this design.
They were cheap and cheerful and I hope will withstand a few washes, you never know with cheap stuff.
The dresses are soft, stretchy and very comfortable.
They will make their debut tomorrow night at the Carol Service.
This afternoon was spent clearing the decks a bit, paperwork had piled up in various places and little jobs had been left undone whilst I concentrated on the Friday Club prizes etc.
With the place looking a little tidier, I then chilled out for a bit watching Kirsties HomeMade Christmas, whilst making some headway with the second sock.
I think I am getting  better and the heel turning at least!


  1. Socks are looking good! We have also looked up the fir cone desserts - £12 for 6 - yikes

    1. £4 a pack of two then! Am glad I didn't buy without checking then! As part of the Dine for two for a tenner probably worth it, with a free bottle of wine (great for cooking!) it would certainly be worth it. Not sure it will come back in time for Christmas though.