Thursday, 8 December 2016

Counting More Blessings

When I took Grandma shopping yesterday, she said she wanted to get daffodil bulbs for us grown ups as our Christmas present.
I rather liked that idea, but wasn't sure bulbs were still around, I had seen them some weeks ago in the shops and had FQ2FF's blog comment in my mind about planting her bulbs late.
It seems it is not daffy time, however, I saw these spring bulbs and thought they would make excellent gifts and only £10....
...they come in a terracotta pot as well, so will be a very welcome addition to the garden patio come the spring.
Grandma decided to dispense with wrapping ours and gave me ours to bring home, so that is officially our first Christmas present!
Hubby did not look on them so enthusiastically as I did!
I think he would have preferred the usual tin of biscuits or socks!
After a very hectic morning at Parent and Toddlers ( with a delightful new born to admire!)
and then making a head start with getting the tables ready for tomorrow's children's party, I  was looking forward to a quiet afternoon, finishing off the cards posting.
However, as I was driving home I saw Teen One walking round the pond, having just been dropped off from Uni, so I thought I would make the most of her being home and pop into town to get a few bits for the party.
We decided to have a Subway for lunch, since we were both starving and needed some sustenance to keep us going!
Back home, having cleared some piles of paperwork that had accumulated, and a bolognaise put in the oven, I started to flag big time!
So, with a cuppa by my side I finished the cards, folding up all the "our year in pictures" sheets Hubby does every year for me.
Its a good way to keep family and friends we don't see very often, up with how the Teens are growing and a little of what we have been up to.
I thought I had it all done, but as I am typing this have thought of two people I missed out!
Tomorrow I will go to the Post Office ... I am estimating its going to be a whopping bill of around £40!!
Scary isn't it!
Maybe one day we will all do ecards instead!
Having handed in one assignment today, Teen One is straight on with another one to be handed in next week...then her holidays begin!
We learned yesterday that a girl Teen One went to school with has cancer and is part way through chemo.
Even with her hair shaved off she looks beautiful, which is amazing.
We do pray the chemo will be successful.
It's one of those days to count our blessings.

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  1. Sadly cancer is happening far too often these days isn't it! Thankfully you hear many more stories these days about people who have beaten this dreadful disease!