Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas Eve And Still Not Organised!

This morning started very leisurely, a cuppa in bed, and some rough plans for a take it as we find it day, but with a few essentials still needed finishing.
Breakfast was crumpets...very yummy and very cute.
Whilst Hubby got on chopping up wood from next doors old window frames, to woodburner size,
Teen One and I sat down to an hour or so of crafting for Christmas presents.
Its always difficult to know what to buy folk, but I figured everyone gives gifts and it might be nice to add a special tag now and again, so we have made a jar full of them, my only worry is its more a
"her" than a "him" gift.
I then transferred the Christmas Marmalade I made a few weeks ago, into prettier jars I bought in Ikea this week.
The presents just needed wrapping, which I was about to do when a little family who come to our Sunday School and Friday Club called in.
They hadn't been able to attend the party or Carol Service because of personal problems, so I said they could pop round anytime to collect their presents.
I hadn't expected them to stay ( but was prepared should they do so!)
The girls are really lovely and it was a joy to see them again.
They hadn't seen a woodburner before so had fun toasting marshmallows, making toast, screwing up balls of paper and watching them burn up...all under supervision of course.
The mum seemed glad of a couple of hours of normality and we all indulged in cups of tea and mince pies...of course!
With the family gone, it was time for a quick lunch, then back to wrapping.
I made a little box for a pair of cufflinks I made using Lego, for my brother in law.
FQ2FF showed me how to make these boxes from old cards about 20years ago ( I am sure the Teens weren't around) and I have made many since then!
I then had to tidy up the attic ready for my niece staying over for the next few nights, before making a start on tomorrow's dinner.
The stuffing is made...
...veggies peeled, jelly setting ready for the trifle, turkey crown is almost thawed,
all I need to do is make the pigs in blankets and the Yorkshire batter, both of which can be done in the morning before going to church.
Tonight we are having "party food" followed by games.
I'd like to say I am now all organised...but truth is there are still one or two things need doing pressie wise...but that's the upside of spreading Christmas out over several days, with various sides of the family!
Maybe next year I will be totally organised ( as is ALWAYS my plan!) but I suspect I will be saying the same "maybe next year!"
Looking back to this time last year, Grandma down south wasn't at all well....we are so pleased things are different this year, although have heard another member of the family is not at all well, having had an emergency C section due to sepsis.
We understand both mum and baby are doing well, but it will be a worry for the new grandparents.
Happy Christmas to you all!

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