Monday, 26 December 2016

Boxing Day Fun

We had a fairly leisurely start to the day, a cuppa in bed and some surfing, before getting on with a pressie or two.
 Teen One helped out, as did our niece who is staying was good to have extra pairs of hands!
I can't give too much away, would be a shame to spoil the surprise later in the week wouldn't it!
We then headed round to Grandma's for more present opening!
Our local pond, normally full of dog walkers, shoppers, children, bird watchers, was practically empty!
Hubby's nephew loves maps, so was very keen to see the Australia map Hubby had taken, to show some of the places we hope to visit next year.
Our niece is a great crafter ( not jealous not jealous!) and got on with some crocheting...
...whilst I gave the Teens a game of Word Rummikub.
After lunch we opened our presents, then played another new game the Teens had been given...
Hum that Tune.
It was surprisingly hard but a lot of fun.
The team with the youngsters won, even though there were several genres to choose from, they just seemed to have the upper hand the whole time!
Doesn't say much for our humming...or ability to pick out a tune does it!
Grandma used to love cross stitch and still does cards was lovely to see her work from years ago in use today....I love the simplicity of the patterns and one colour thread.
We are now back home, watching Bake Off and catching up with some laundry.
It's been another lovely day spent with family we just don't see enough of, thank goodness for holidays at this time of year that make it possible to reconnect with each other.


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