Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Are We Over The Top?

This morning Grandma wanted to go to the large M&S in Southampton.
I was a little disappointed they didn't have a few bits and pieces I had seen in the Food hall in Bognor, but the disappointment was not long lived....not when there was salted caramel latte and carrot cake in the offing!
When I came home a friend had called in, making use of our wifi to do some school work in between appointments.
Teen One had made her a cuppa and she too had work to do so the two of them had an industrious morning by the sounds of it.
I had spent last night winding up little balls of wool, to make into kits to include with the Pompomania book for the Friday Club older girls.
This afternoon I finally finished wrapping all the girls presents up....phew so glad that's done!
Just need to get the boys sorted.
Someone else had offered to buy the boys presents but to date I don't think they I will chase that up and I expect will end up getting them myself!
Some folk are very well meaning aren't they...but working to a deadline isn't everyone's forte!
On Sunday Grandma told me the decorating had gone over the top in our house ( don't you just love the loose tongues of older folk!!)
Well what do you think....most of my decorations are gifts and often handmade....
Above was a card received two or three years ago, and has come out every year since then...
...this is one of my favourite pressies from a couple of years ago....
...the JOY wooden letterings were made by a friend about a decade ago 
(I also have LOVE PEACE)
The bunting was a swap I was involved in some years ago...
...I love the way the letters create a shadow on the wall....really pretty at night time...
...the Lladro Nativity scene ( well a small part of it) started off with the Shepherdess on the right, and was bequeathed to me by a dear friend in the US.
I  bought the other pieces VERY CHEAPLY on ebay a few years later...
...the sign was a pressie last year, the woodland pot pourri a gift several years ago,
the Coca Cola lorry Hubby bought this year in a charity shop and the red house was bought for £1 in the sale at Atlantic Village 2-3 years ago...
...finally, the angel was a sewing swap a few years ago and the mitts came from Poundland last year...25p a pair!
So...what do you it over the top??

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  1. Over the top? I was about to ask when you were starting decorate lol!!