Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Another Day At Grandma's, or, Just Call Me King Alfred!

Well lets get the second part of the blog title out of the way...
I was up bright and early, when the rest of the household was fast asleep.
My goal was to make the last Christmas present, to take to Devon, and then make a Sticky Date Cake for FQ2FF.
I have made this cake several times, never had any problems....
today when I had only one opportunity to make it, what did it do....
It was supposed to be in the oven 2 1/2-3 hours...but after one hour I could smell an unwelcome aroma coming from the kitchen....the top was more than a little over done already!!
I knew the centre would not be done yet, so covered the top with foil and turn the oven even lower ( it was only on 150)
Having taken the burnt bit off tonight, the centre is cooked through thankfully, but,
I am very sorry FQ2FF...it is going to make a pitiful offering I bring you tomorrow.
Isn't it always the way when you make something for someone else, it all goes wrong!
I don't have time to get more fruit and make another one either.
With the baking out of the way, and the three Teens up and ready, it was time to go to Grandma's again.
This time my brother in law and his wife were going to be there...so that's more present unwrapping!
The pond was even quieter than yesterday and Jack Frost had left his mark everywhere, although it was starting to disappear by the time we were out.
Kippy the Lab was pleased to see us....
...and even more pleased to be able to "help" unwrapping the presents...tearing the paper off from his owners packages....including one which had some of my hand sewing in!
When all the presents had been opened, he finally settled down....for us this was just the warm up for the next few days where we will have five dogs vying for attention, scraps, cuddles, seats on the sofa and we all have to remember to "SHUT THE DOOR!"
Teen Two in particular is looking forward to being amongst them again.
After another yummy lunch at Grandma's (its so lovely not to have to think what we are going to eat for a change!) The Teens ( all four of them ) went out with Uncle A to do some treasure hunting with their metal detector.
Grandma has a field backing on to her house so there wasn't far to go.
Not long after arriving they heard the very exciting beep beep beeping...
Teen Two dug a hole (with a trowel Hubby had made in school 40years ago, and Grandma still had!)
And wonder of wonders....
...a pound coin!
Sadly that was as exciting as it got, other than a staple, 2p and a few ring pulls!
The rest of the afternoon was spent, knitting, playing the ping pong ball game, Rummikub Word, and of course more eating at tea time.
Unfortunately my new camera had run out of charge after only the above photos, we aren't sure why, just a blip hopefully.
We are recharging the battery and hoping it will be ok next time.
Tomorrow we are off down to Devon, but have a lot to do before hand, animals to sort and notes to leave for Grandma, clothes to be packed, food to be put in the freezer from the fridge etc, and not to mention, making sure we have all the presents!
It's going to be a busy evening, but I have had a couple of lazy (ish) days ( exclude endless washing up at Grandma's and baking in the kitchen) and the TV looks pretty rubbish after 8pm, so I should get quite a bit done before feeling the need to drop into bed!

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