Monday, 19 December 2016

Crafting MoJo With Teen One

This morning was my usual sort of Monday, a visit to one of my Recycled Teenagers, then a trip to Morrisons.
I saw these for the first time, and as both Teens are Oreo fans, I thought they would make a great stocking filler....especially at 50p.
Teen Two always chooses something from the hot deli counter, and today when I saw these I thought I would take Teen One home a treat ( and me of course!)
Having seen so many wonderful things at the weekend, at purse breaking prices....these seemed a snip!
And very delicious they were too!
This afternoon I had earmarked for a few home made presents, and was hoping to enlist the help of Teen One, she was otherwise engaged to start with...
 so whilst she was decorating her gingerbread house,
 I collected together all my bits and bobs.
Pretty soon we had the dining room table filled with ribbons, buttons and goodness knows what...
...I think I am safe to share what we are making, as I don't think this side of the family read the blog ( oops if they do!) and they aren't for the folk who I know do read it.
I always appreciate the lovely gift tags we get from FQ2FF, so thought we would make a large batch to give as presents, so when they have a present to give, they can just go to a jar and choose a handmade gift tag to finish off the parcel.
I wouldn't say card crafts are really my thing, but it was good to use up some stash....
... and discover something Teen One enjoyed doing too!
We have quite a few more to make, and have left the chaos on the table so we can just dip into it over the next couple of days ....and I really hope we don't get any unexpected visitors as the place is a real eye sore....but you cant be creative and tidy can you?
I managed to fit in a few rows of my new socks...I have to admit I am not finding the stripey yarn as interesting as the patterned yarn...but nevermind....I have ordered some patterned yarn to make some presents to take to Australia....and I hope it arrives before Christmas as I will have more time on my hands then than at any other time of the year...I need to put it to good use!

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