Monday, 28 November 2016

Why Do I Always Go Off Piste!

It was lovely to see the sunshine today, even if it was freezing cold!
Teen Two and I went to see my Monday Recycled Teenager as usual, and in Morrisons saw these crumpets...ideal for Christmas Day brekkie I thought!
One of the highlights of these otherwise mundane trips to the supermarket, for Teen Two, is picking something from the hot deli!
Today he chose a gammon rack, which I must say smelt wonderful as he was munching it in the car!
He gave me a little taster...mmm was it sweet and succulent!
He must get this passion for stripping meat bones till they are clean, from his great maternal grandmother, as his dad leaves more meat on than he takes off if he ever has the misfortune to be presented with a bone with his meal!
Teen Two has the leg of the roast chicken, and yesterday you would have thought the bones had been through the dishwasher!
This afternoon I decided to try and make some festive marmalade using the pile of oranges I bought last week.
This pretty bubbly froth filled the house with the most wonderful aroma!
Even Teen Two came out to ask what the lovely smell was!
I have bottled up five jars, but am not convinced it is going to set...tomorrow will be the telling point.
I was using a basic recipe and then adding some cranberries, but the recipe said three pints of water, which seemed way too much to me, so I only added two and then still thought it looked too much, so took out a who knows if the sugar ratio ended up correct!
If not, it can all go back in the pan and I will add some more fruit, as basically I think that's what it was lacking if I am honest.
I just can't follow a recipe precisely can I...always going off piste!
I also made the sticky date cake from last week....this time using the right ratio of dates, and the wholemeal flour I was lacking last week.
I made a little sample loaf and as you can see have been sampling it already and its definitely better for having the wholemeal flour.
These two are destined as presents tomorrow, Hubby hopes to visit the Teddy Bear Man and I hope to visit our family friend who had the op, again.
Whilst I was busy in the kitchen, I asked Teen Two to vacuum downstairs for me....he did a way more thorough job than I had out the fireplace ( which only holds decorative stuff in the dining room) of the occasional debris which falls down the chimney...which is something I have to do regularly...but it wasn't something I had expected him to notice needed doing!
Such a good lad!
His dad and his sister would have happily done exactly as I asked...but he is the only one who notices the things I haven't asked and does them anyway.