Tuesday, 15 November 2016

The Other Bunnie's Apple Is Always Greener!

Today I decided I needed to get the crate of apples finished, whilst I love having fruit in the freezer, I am not all that keen on the preparation part!
But now, I have a lovely drawer full of scrummy apples....
...I did draw the line at peeling the tiddlers, and gave them to the bunnies, and despite giving them one each...
...someone else's is always greener juicier!
With that little chore out of the way, I popped into town, mainly to exchange the cardi Teen One had bought for tomorrow's dressing up day, but of course I couldn't resist a peek round Poundland whilst I was there.
I thought this adult colouring books looked lovely.
The vulnerable lady who comes on Sunday love colouring, so I bought one for her.
Talking of which, she sent us a text yesterday to say the boys behaviour had affected her and she apologised for the way she acted.
I thought giving her this might show "no hard feelings."
The other one I will separate and give to the Friday Club kids to do this week.
I also couldn't resist this tray...I especially love the "knitted" ones!
My final treat was this cheeky little reindeer tea light holder.
I thought he would be perfect at Christmas...I even wondered if I should have bought a pair.
He was from Primark and was a snip at £1.50.
The rest of the afternoon was spent ironing, and sorting out the conservatory.
It has become a bit of a dumping ground in recent weeks and was in serious need of some surface cleaning.
The recent damp weather has meant the floor has suffered, from muddy paws and feet, so for the moment we are all spic and span....ish!
On "cucumber watch" so far the puss has stayed away from the chair!
Coincidence me thinks??


Today Teen One and her student partner have the task of whole class reading, so I am eager to hear how it went....some of the kids are not too into listening, books, sitting still, anything that is not self directed!
Next week they will be observed by one of the Uni lecturers.

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