Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The Much Awaited Awards Evening


Having been out and about the last couple of days, I needed a stay at home day to catch up on some cleaning ( just where does the dust and dirt come from?)
Now I must confess, I did pop into town briefly, but then spent the rest of the day cleaning, tidying, ironing, and a bit of Christmas pressie finishing and planning some new ones.
When Teen Two came home from college, we had an hour to eat an early dinner, then get changed ready for tonight's Awards Evening, which entailed "formal attire!"
So we raided Hubby's tie collection and these four were shortlisted.
Eventually we got it down to the pale blue one.

Teen Two has been looking forward to tonight for some time and he was so delighted to be back inside the familiar surroundings.
He was so excited to see the staff and of course some of his friends.
He spent the time afterwards chatting with the staff and they reminded him that any time he needed a reference, or maybe some work experience that school could provide, to contact them, which was lovely.
He has been on cloud nine all evening and we thanked the staff for making his five years there such enjoyable ones.

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  1. Well done Teen 2 - lovely to go back and have such a positive experience x