Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Still November?? That Has To Be A Personal Best!

Starting with last night....when I picked up Teen One from her school placement, she flopped into the car and said "I am exhausted"
The day before had been a heavy early start at school, followed by a two hour driving lesson half an hour after arriving home, so I thought that was probably the reason for her tiredness...then she said "my throat is SOOOOO sore."
Oh dear, with glandular fever and tonsillitis doing the rounds at Uni, I hoped it wasn't that!
Once home I dosed her up with some lemsip, with extra honey.
Her temperature was up, but within an hour of the meds was almost normal.
She went to bed early, and despite a restless night and sore throat, she has gone in today.
Her whole class reading went well yesterday and today she has to teach a maths lesson, so we shall see how she got on.
She went armed with plenty of throat pastilles and of course some painkillers.
On the way home from school I pass a McDonalds drive thru...and thought for a special treat I would take Teen Two some breakfast home!
You can imagine how delighted he was with that!
It's the first time I have done that and it was a couple of pounds well spent to see his face!
Lots of folk I know, use special bags and liquid to clean their oven racks with, but having seen the kits are around a fiver, I have baulked at paying that much.
Yesterday in Poundland I saw this and thought I might give it a go.
I honestly didn't hold out much hope, but thought it might loosen the dirt up and make the scrubbing wrong could I be!
These are the racks beforehand...and I hasten to add I cleaned them thoroughly a few months ago, but of course my oven is in use daily so they don't stay clean for long!
The instructions said to leave in the bag for 2 hours then tilt the bag to and fro to ensure even coverage of the liquid...well after just ten minutes I could see a big difference...
...after an hour or so this much dirt had already come away...
...after another hour I thought I would risk rinsing them off...and just look at them!
A third of the liquid was used on the oven floor, which is also now nice and shiny!
All I then had to do, was dispose of this grim looking liquid and give everything a wipe over with an old cloth.
Apart from the lack of effort required (goodbye brillo pads!) I love the fact there is no I detest the smell of Mr Muscle...and it lingers when the oven is used for a few days afterwards too!
Given the fact the box said leave for 24hrs if possible, I reckoned all done in a morning was pretty good!
So I shall be hot footing it back to Poundland to stock up!
In between cleaning the oven, I made some cranberry sauce.
I didn't have a cinnamon stick so used ground cinnamon instead.
I also only had a 300g box of cranberries and the recipe calls for 500g, so I added some apples to make up the shortfall...
... the smell as its cooking is....mmmmm!
A friend had sent a text to say she could pop by lunch time, so  I made some carrot and lentil soup, using the green thai paste for the first time.
I hadn't expected it to be spicy, which it was a little, although had I added coconut milk maybe it would have just been aromatic, however it was delicious ( am I allowed to say that!) and my friend loved it too.
After an hours catch up with my friend, and the housework out of the way, I thought I would make the most of a quiet day and make the Christmas cake, something that is usually done mid December if I am honest..and once I made it Christmas eve and the Teens decorated it the same day!
I don't tend to use the same recipe, no particular reason, just whichever recipe book I pick up if I am it was going to be good old faithful Be-Ro
The down side to the spur of the moment decision, was the butter was still in the fridge.
Microwaves are not my friend when it comes to softening butter, I always end up melting it!
I remembered a trick Mary Berry had shared a few years ago...add diced butter from the fridge, to lukewarm a couple of minutes its lovely a soft!
Pretty soon the cake was made ( looking a little light if I am honest)
and is still in the oven, giving out yet another comforting aroma!
Only half way through November and the Christmas cake is made, that has to be a personal best!
I then realised I was a bit scuppered as far as tonight's dinner was concerned!
The cake was going to take 3-4 hours to cook and I would need to have dinner in the oven in a couple of I diced the chicken, added some red thai curry paste to a pan and stirred the chicken till it was cooked. Softened down some peppers, then put it all in the slow cooker.
That's that sorted!
Tonight is a busy taxi service night for me, collect Teen One, take Teen Two to gym, Teen One and Hubby to church, pick up Teen Two, collect Hubby and Teen One...although in actual fact I suspect Teen One may want another early night.
I shall be glad when bed time comes!
For those of you on "Cucumber watch" this is the second  day, and no attempt has been made by puss to jump up at the gerbils!
Maybe there is something in this whacky theory after all!


  1. I am sorry to say that sore throats and colds tend to be a teacher's lot - initially! It always amused me that, in college, we all had a medical to ensure that we were fit to teach yet caught everything that was going around from the children!

    1. that and tummy bugs no doubt! You should all get danger money!