Thursday, 17 November 2016

Some Tender Loving Care

At 6.30am I heard Teen One get up and thought "great...she is feeling well enough for Uni"
But when I finally made it downstairs half an hour later I was greeted by this!
She had attempted to eat her breakfast, but her throat was so sore she couldn't manage it.
Having sent a text to her friend to say she wouldn't need a lift, and an email to Uni to explain her absence, she wrapped herself up in the blanket and tried to forget the pain.
I had to go to Mother Parent and Toddlers, so made up a flask of warm water sweetened with honey....
...with a couple of flavoured honey sticks we had brought back from the US earlier in the year to suck on inbetween medication....
...along with some maple syrup hard boiled sweets we bought in Vermont...locally known as
"Moose droppings!"
Both honey and maple syrup are well known for their antibacterial and antioxidant benefits....but of course they are also loaded with sugars...albeit unrefined sugars, which does make them slightly "less bad" for you than sugar and have the added bonus of giving you some health benefits, especially when you are not feeling too good and food is the last thing on your mind.
Sipping a warm sweet syrupy drink is so comforting on the throat don't you think?
But nothing is as comforting as some tender loving care!
With the tots this morning, I made fluffy sheep, some wanted white sheep and others wanted a colourful sheep, using up my snippets from sewing in the ends of granny squares...waste not want not!
Once back from church, I gave Teen One the last of the soup I made yesterday, and was glad I had something nutritious and easy on the throat to offer her.
The lunch and no doubt the quiet morning seemed to pep her up a bit, and she tackled some homework...
...but soon after she was back to being snuggled up under the blanket.
The weather outside is wild and unpredictable, I did start with some washing out, but had to rescue it from the ground, so gave up.
The bunnies have also decided its a bit wild, and taken themselves to bed for the night!
Although I suspect they will come out and do some foraging around the garage later on....we are going to find droppings in just about every corner by the time they go I reckon!
Thankfully they have figured out what the litter tray is for and we don't get puddles anymore!
Teen Two has just arrived home, red in the face from the winds, and cracked and bleeding hands from the sudden cold ( and not drying hands properly no doubt) so its off to hunt out some cream that isn't going to sting!
Cue another dose of TLC!

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  1. As I said yesterday, the role of a teacher is a difficult one! Hope that teen 1 gets better soon x