Sunday, 20 November 2016

Seasonal Scrabble!

I am thankful to say, that Storm Angus did not cause as much devastation locally as we had feared, and in fact I slept through the whole thing!
Although the rest of the family were woken...don't know how I managed to do that!
On opening the curtains this morning, it was evident the weather had been fierce, the road and school field were covered with leaves from the nearby trees.
Teen One still wasn't feeling good, so she stayed snuggled on the sofa whilst we went to church.
The rest of the day was more or less our typical Sunday, a roast, followed by...
...Rummikub....followed by...
...Scrabble, and the only unusual thing about today was I scored a bonus 50 points for using all my tiles in one go...and what a festive word it was too!
Needless to say, no one was able to catch me up after that, so I won for a change!
The sticky date cake I made yesterday was a hit, and this is all that is left!
It had a treacly taste, which was unusual as there was no treacle in it.
It was indeed moist, as the recipe promised and I will definitely make it again, and use half wholemeal flour as recommended as I think that will make it even tastier.
Tonight was church again, and thankfully it was quieter than last week....infact a little too quiet as several folk were missing for various reasons!
Never happy are we!

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