Monday, 7 November 2016

Scarifying And Springboks!

Today sees the start of our house front being painted.
It is well overdue and I hope the dry weather lasts a few days longer!
Having got Teen One to school early, I then was able to crack on with some chores whilst waiting for Fred to turn up.
Pretty soon, he arrived and it was good to see the work finally started.
Having given Fred a large cup of coffee  (it was freezing out!) Teen Two and I went to visit my Monday Recycled Teenager.

We had a catch up over a cuppa before heading out the Morrisons...
...and look what is in stock now...the delicious chocolate chip panettone!
Oh dear...that's not a good start to the diet, having that in the house...I will have to make sure most of it goes in the lunchboxes!
Having chatted to Hubby about our serious lack of gardening knowledge, he suggested that we actually owned a springbok rake.....he was imagining it looked like the horns of a springbok.
Well...good thought...but turns out its the more basic rake
....which we also own, amazingly enough!
With the sun still shining, I decided to brave the cold weather and try some scarifying!
I found the smaller rake easier to use, but even then, it was quite hard work!
Having scarified ( anyone guess I just learnt a new word??) this small patch, my back was complaining a bit, so I decided this was a "five minutes a day" job and will hopefully have another go in the week.
The clearing of the bushes needed some more work, and I was able to detangle our clematis from next doors was like sorting out a massive hair knot!
I know have the small matter of getting all this rubbish to the dump now!
The old fence will be chopped up for the wood burner , it is so thin it will probably burn in under an hour....but its an hour of free heat!
Teen Two amused himself with the gerbils and then the bunnies....enjoying a rare cuddle with the black and white one, who is very hard to catch, but enjoys the cuddle in the end!
I have made endless hot drinks for Fred and take my hat off to him for being out there all day in this freezing weather!


  1. Well done on the gardening!!! At least you can see the results of your hard labour!! Don't go too mad with the scarifying. You want some grass left!!!!xxxxxxxx

    1. Sadly the moss has killed off all the grass already :( hoping to clear the moss over winter then start again next spring.

  2. So that's what that rake is for!!